Justice Jorge Labarga

Florida’s political and corporate elite are nervously anticipating Monday, when  House Speaker Richard Corcoran has promised to name his picks to the Constitution Revision Commission.

Florida Court Launches First Podcast

Aug 18, 2016
Florida Supreme Court

The Ninth Judicial Circuit Court in Orlando is launching a podcast to help connect Florida courts to the community. "Open Ninth" is the first one put on by Florida state courts.


Former and current members of the Florida Supreme Court gathered together this week to remember Leander Shaw, the high court’s first black chief justice.

Florida Supreme Court
Nick Evans / WFSU News

Florida Chief Justice Jorge Larbarga has created a new Commission to study the unmet legal needs of lower and middle-income Floridians in an effort to increase access to the courts for people who have to represent themselves.

Florida Oath Gives Choice To Swear Or Affirm

Nov 20, 2014
Image taken from the 1955 movie "Illegal"

When public servants and lawmakers officially start their new terms in office they take an oath. It’s been the same since Florida became a state in 1845. But some people are still confused about the first few words.

This year, Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice Jorge Labara officiated the swearing in ceremony at the Florida Senate. As a circuit judge he's also administered the oath to people testifying in court.

It always starts in pretty much the same way--with the words "I  solemnly swear or affirm."

Florida Supreme Court
Nick Evans / WFSU News

Florida’s newest Supreme Court chief justice was sworn in Monday.  Justice Jorge Labarga is the first Cuban-American to hold the post. 

Fellow Justice Barbara Pariente says Labarga’s experience will serve him well in his new post. 

“I believe that Justice Labarga, having served on this court for five years, but also having taken part in so many of the past administrative responsibilities, will be well suited,” Pariente says.

Pariente served as chief justice from 2004 to 2006.

Rene Garcia
Florida Senate / FLSenate.gov

Non-citizens brought to Florida illegally as children could get the chance to practice law under a measure the Senate passed today. A recent Florida Supreme Court opinion urged the Legislature to allow leeway for undocumented immigrants applying to the Florida Bar.

Florida Senate

The Florida Senate took a step today toward allowing the state Supreme Court discretion in admitting undocumented immigrants to practice law.  The vote to approve an amendment doing so comes after the Supreme Court recently denied an undocumented student admission to the bar. But in his written opinion, Justice Jorge Labarga urged the Legislature to act.

During a passionate floor debate, Sen. Charlie Dean (R-Inverness)  said the law student’s story changed how he thinks about immigrants.