Judicial Qualifications Commission

The Florida Supreme Court has ordered Judge Jackie Fulford to retire.
Second Judicial Circuit

The Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission is recommending an early retirement for Second Judicial Circuit Judge Jackie Fulford.  She has been under investigation by the JQC for alleged improprieties in Wakulla County.


Leon County Circuit Judge Judith Hawkins wants the Florida Supreme Court to reconsider its decision to remove her from the bench.

Hawkins had until Friday at midnight to request a rehearing. In a request to reconsider the judgment, Hawkins writes she did not deceive the JQC and handed over all documents requested. She also says her response of “fighting the good fight” was taken out of context.


The Florida Supreme Court has removed Leon County Judge Judith Hawkins from the bench. Hawkins sold her religious books from her office to lawyers and staffers as part of her for-profit ministry.

Gaza Road Ministries

Leon County Judge Judith Hawkins is fighting to hold onto her job. She’s filed a response to a recommendation by a state judicial prosecutor that she be tossed off the bench.

In her response, filed Thursday with the Florida Supreme Court, Hawkins said the removal recommendation was a much stronger penalty than what had originally been suggested by the hearing panel for the state’s judicial qualifications commission. 

Florida's Judicial Qualifications Commission wants the Florida Supreme Court to fire Leon Judge Judith Hawkins. The group isn't buying Hawkins' reasons for why she should keep her job.