John G. Riley House Museum

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Monday’s Community Redevelopment Board meeting divvied up $3 million  to three arts and cultural groups and a new program, not in the running last week, is now set to receive $1.8 million.

Three Tallahassee-based arts and culture groups are getting closer to securing hundreds of thousands of dollars in local funding. The group doling out the money meets Monday. But there's controversy over whether the organizations that may get the awards are worthy.

confederate flag
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In a time of profound political polarization, the Confederate Flag remains a divisive topic. The remnants of the Confederacy are still shaping society today. And the flag means vastly different things to different people. 

To some, the flag represents years of hatred, hardships, oppression and the fight for equality. To others, it’s pride and a celebration of cultural heritage. Here are some of their stories.

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A program that aims to teach school children about Tallahassee’s multicultural history kicked off its 13th year on Tuesday. This year’s Blended Lives program is showing Leon County students a snapshot of Florida as it was 500 years ago.

Fourth-graders from Ruediger Elementary School snake their way through the downstairs hallway of the historic John G. Riley House Museum in Downtown Tallahassee on Tuesday. At the turn of last century, the home belonged to Riley, a longtime teacher and school principal who was one of the first African Americans to own land in Tallahassee.