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It didn't take long for Dr. Celeste Philip to transition from acting to official Surgeon General and Florida Department of Health Secretary.

In March, she replaced her predecessor Dr. John Armstrong after the Florida Senate failed to confirm him.

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The Statewide Human trafficking council welcomed its newest member Monday. Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi—who leads the group—introduced the person chosen to replace the former head of the state Department of Health Dr. John Armstrong.

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There are about 200 bills waiting for Florida Governor Rick Scott’s approval or veto.  Lawmakers passed a number of measures close to their hearts, but they missed out on some proposals as well.

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Florida Surgeon General John Armstrong could be out of a job this week. According to the Tampa Bay Times, when then legislature adjourns this Friday, Armstrong will become the first agency head to not be confirmed since 1995.

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There might be hope for Florida State Surgeon General John Armstrong. Senate Ethics and Elections Chairman Garrett Richter says there are still two more weeks left in the legislative session, and therefore, time Armstrong could still be confirmed.

Florida Surgeon General John Armstrong could lose his job if he’s not confirmed by the state Senate. A key panel decided Tuesday to postpone Armstrong’s confirmation hearing amid the possibility Armstrong would not be approved.

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In the run-up to Tuesday’s meeting, some questioned surrounded whether Florida Surgeon General John Armstrong would be confirmed. Armstrong’s been under fire for decreasing enrollment in the Children's Medical Services program, rising HIV infections and staff cuts in local health departments.  The Senate Health Policy Committee narrowly confirmed him on a 5-to-4 vote.

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Florida’s Surgeon General visited Bay County as part of a health tour of the state’s coastal areas.

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The head of Florida’s health department is making his way through the Florida Panhandle as part of a tour of the state's coastal areas. Bay County residents are invited to take part in the latest stop in the “Health in All Places Tour,” highlighting the county’s health services.

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Among Governor Rick Scott’s agency head reappointments is the chief of the state’s Health Department.

The Governor has tapped Dr. John Armstrong again as Florida’s Surgeon General and the Florida Department of Health’s Secretary.

Armstrong has been in the post since 2012. His predecessor, Dr. Frank Farmer, stepped down after about a year on the job, citing taking care of his wife who has breast cancer.

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The second confirmed U.S. case of a deadly virus that has already sickened hundreds of people in the Middle East has been found in Florida.

Earlier this month, a man who traveled from Saudi Arabia to Indiana was diagnosed with the first case of MERS, or Middle East Respiratory Syndrome. Now, health officials say they’ve found a second case in a man who took multiple flights from Saudi Arabia to Orlando.

With Hurricane Season upon us, Florida Department of Health officials are reminding residents about some healthy tips to remember.

Florida Flu Season Worst In Ten Years

Jan 10, 2013

Florida is having the worst flu season it’s had in a decade. That’s according to the state surgeon general. The number of flu cases all over the state is much higher than expected at this point in the season.

Pharmacies and doctors offices around Florida have been busy giving out a lot of flu shots. And state Surgeon General John Armstrong said, that’s a good thing, because flu season is bad this year.

“The last time we had a moderately severe flu season like this in Florida was about 10 years ago," he said.