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A group of Florida lawmakers wants Congress to recognize May as a month to celebrate the culture and heritage of Haitians across America. But, while the House Memorial passed its first committee stop, it ran into some trouble.

Service dog with brown and white spots
S. Wong

The sight of a dog lying under the table in an upscale restaurant might result in a double take. Onlookers might scan the animal’s human companion for signs a disability. And it’s when those disabilities aren’t readily apparent that trouble can sometimes arise. A bill moving through the Florida House seeks to protect those with invisible disabilities.

Sascha Cordner / WFSU-FM

Taxes on hurricane supplies and defense contractors interested in locating in Florida would be scuttled under bills that received a first hearing Thursday.

The state has inaugurated several sales tax “holidays” in recent years and Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fort Walton Beach) wants to add another on hurricane preparedness supplies.

On Thursday, fellow House member John Tobia (R-Melbourne Beach) asked how much an average generator costs and how Gaetz chose to tax only those generators which cost more than $700.

Legislators are pushing yet another bill that would ask Florida citizens to pee in a cup. Regan McCarthy reports the bill that’s making its way through the House would let state agencies randomly drug test their employees.