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Agriculture officials are warning Floridians to use caution due to significantly heightened wildfire risk. Dangerous conditions are present statewide.

Florida Cabinet

Florida’s Cabinet has approved a proposal to conserve 772 acres in Madison County. The land is in the Sampala Lake Ranch.

Florida Forest Service

Officials with the Florida Forest Service say recent rains are not enough to tamp down the hundreds of wildfires raging across the state. Parts of the state are still in a drought.

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Forty forestry firefighters are in California right now battling wildfires. Additional Florida firefighters are also helping to fight wildfires in other states along the west coast, and more are on the way.

Florida Forest Service

The Florida Forest Service is sending 30 firefighters and other staff to help fight wildfires in Oregon and California. The state has people to spare because this year’s rain has reduced the number of fire outbreaks in Florida.

Department of Agriculture spokeswoman Erin Gillespie says Florida offered up its extra personnel by adding them to a nationwide database that she says is like a "Match.com for firefighters."

It’s About Florida: Wildfires

May 3, 2012

Wildfire season is kicking off with as many as 90 fires burning throughout Florida. Forest Service Director Jim Karels says state and federal firefighters are working together to protect the state, but it’s hard to keep up, especially under the current drought conditions.



Florida Forest Service Director, Jim Karels