Jet Blue

Michael Miley / Flickr Creative Commons

Tallahassee’s airport will soon be offering new intra-state flights. City officials say Elite Airways will begin offering flights to Vero Beach and Sarasota.

Tallahassee residents could soon have more travel options into and out of the city. 

Tom Flanigan

The ongoing effort to attract a low-cost airline to Tallahassee ramped up again Thursday. The target is Jet Blue and the bait is a pledge to buy millions of dollars of flight tickets before the first plane even lands.

Amtrak's Sunset Limited Route ran from New Orleans to Jacksonville until 2005, when Hurricane Katrina damaged the tracks. / Amtrak

Leon County is pushing to get more travel options. In addition to a massive campaign to lure air carrier Jet Blue to the area, the city is also trying to get Amtrak to come back.

Tallahassee Letter Campaign Courts Jet Blue

Sep 10, 2015

Jet Blue is choosey when deciding where to set up new airline services, but that hasn’t stopped local political leaders from asking the company to come to Tallahassee.