Jackie Pons

The Leon County School Board has launched an investigation into outgoing Superintendent Jackie Pons after photos and anonymous allegations were sent to the district and local media outlets, including WFSU.

District Superintendent Jackie Pons and City Commissioner Gil Ziffer meet to discuss a proposed community school.
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Rickards High School is expanding its services to include a medical center and food pantry, and more programs could be on the way.  A committee led by city Commissioner Gil Ziffer met Wednesday with Leon School Superintendent Jackie Pons.

Leon school and health officials discuss the launch of a new health center at Rickards High School (Feb. 2016)
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The Leon County School District is opening a new health center at Rickards High School. The district has partnered with Neighborhood Medical Center to provide healthcare for Southside families and students.

Leon County Officials Re-evaluate School Safety

Dec 21, 2015
MGN Online

In the wake of recent bombs threats against New York, Los Angeles and Miami school districts, Leon County officials are re-evaluating school safety.

The ACLU of Florida has written a letter to the Leon County School District. The group is concerned about the treatment of a student who identifies as gender neutral being told me was violating the school dress code. In a response, Pons say there’s no policy that says students have to dress a certain way based on gender.

Leon County School Superintendent Jackie Pons says he won’t use results on the state’s new exam to evaluate teachers. But he may not have a choice. A powerful state Senator is warning the district to properly implement the state's revised teacher evaluation law.

Leon County Schools

Former Leon High School Principal Rocky Hanna will soon announce his political intentions. Hanna, now an administrator with the Leon School District, has been rumored as a potential candidate for district superintendent.

Leon County Schools logo
Leon County Schools

The Leon County School board briefly floated and promptly sunk an idea for an appointed superintendent. It’s the latest conversation in the ongoing legal troubles of the district.

Leon County School Superintendent Jackie Pons
Leon County Schools

Update 8:48 a.m.: Leon Schools will not go forward with the online portion of the state writing exam. Districts continue reporting problems and Superintendent Jackie Pons says until the problems are fully resolved, the district will continue to suspend the Florida Standards Assessment Writing Test for 8th, 9th and 10th graders. Those in lower grades who take the paper-based version of the test will continue to be evaluated.

Springwood Elementary surprises behavior specialist, Tabitha Bradwell is the Leon County School-Related Employee of the Year.

An unsuspecting Bradwell was  greeted at the Springwood Elementary Media Center by her colleagues and Leon County Superintendent Jackie Pons. Her boss, Springwood Principal Christopher Small, says he told Bradwell last year that this would be the year for her to excel.

"She has that quality to where regardless of what you place in front of her because she loves what she does and she loves kids; she’s going to make it happen," Small said.

Update 8:35 p.m.:  An independent analysis of Leon County school construction projects has turned up no criminal wrongdoing, but the district needs to do a better job of documenting its decisions. That’s according to the Jacksonville lawyer hired by the Leon County School board to represent it in investigations into school building contracts.

Jackie Pons

Two new whistle-blowers have stepped forward in the Leon County Schools construction controversy. The whistle-blowers are both  Leon County Schools employees.

Sandra Davis, a worker in the Division of Facilities, Construction and Maintenance, filed for whistle-blower protection on June 4. In a letter to Leon County Superintendent Jackie Pons, Davis claims school construction projects have been deliberately undervalued to avoid a competitive bidding process. According to Davis, contracts appear to be awarded to construction companies that made donations to Pons’ campaign.

Lively Technical Center / Leon County School District

The Leon County School District is facing a second whistle-blower challenge about how it awarded school construction and maintenance projects. The principal of Lively Technical Center, Woody Hildebrandt, says he expressed concerns about the district's contracting process as early as December 2011 and again in September 2013.

Hildebrandt also allegedly showed school district administrator Rocky Hanna an 80-plus-page document calling the district’s construction and maintenance project award process into question.

LHatter / WFSUNews

For weeks now, the Leon County School district has been facing allegations of wrongdoing when it comes to how officials award construction and maintenance projects. The primary target of those claims, is Superintendent Jackie Pons. The district is trying to push back against those claims but that's proving hard to do, when the group making the charges remains anonymous.

LHatter / WFSU News

An anonymous group claims Leon County School District officials circumvented state competitive bidding laws in awarding school construction projects to political donors.

The group calling itself "Concerned Leon County School Board Employees and Citizens of Leon County" questions whether Superintendent Jackie Pons broke state law by awarding construction projects at six schools to local contractors who have also made campaign contributions to him.

New Veterans' Memorial Unveiled Downtown

Jun 5, 2013
Chris Ford

A new memorial honoring veterans from Leon County schools now stands downtown. The tall granite slab is in front of the Bloxham Building. Leon County school spokesman Chris Petley said placing the memorial in front of the Bloxham Building was appropriate because of its history as the former Caroline Brevard School.

In the dedication ceremony, tearful family members placed roses at the base of the wall after the names of their loved ones were read aloud. Leon County Superintendent Jackie Pons spoke during the ceremony.

Following the tragic school shooting in Newtown Connecticut, parents, teachers and government leaders across the country and in Florida are on guard. In Leon County school officials are doing their best to set those concerns at ease.

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Students at Sealey Elementary school are being encouraged to “Go For the Gold” this year as the school kicks off its annual reading campaign. More than 200 students packed the cafeteria-turned -auditorium of Sealey Elementary School Monday to hear LeVonne Idlette—a student at the Florida A&M University College of Law who competed in the 100 meter hurdles during the 2012 Olympic games in London.

A different kind of gas station is being built on Tallahassee’s west side.  Tom Flanigan reports this station will dispense natural gas, both for Leon County school buses and anyone else who wants to use it….

Hundreds of people ignored the occasional raindrops to attend Tuesday’s groundbreaking near the corner of Capital Circle and Highway Twenty.  Governor Rick Scott even added the occasion to his schedule.