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State officials are warning Floridians about scams during tax season.

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The 2016 tax season is over but that’s not stopping fraudsters from trying to steal information. And new scams are getting much harder to decipher.

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A phone scam that’s making its way through the Florida Panhandle has Tallahassee Police warning area residents to be careful.

TPD Spokesman David Northway, says in this case, the scammers are pretending to be the IRS:

“These scammers are calling people on the phone and demanding payment for fictitious back taxes and requesting for them to go and get a credit card that can be preloaded with money, and then giving them the number over the phone so they can then cash that money,” said Northway.

Tallahassee Tea Partiers Protest At IRS Offices

Jun 19, 2013

Wednesday’s “Audit the IRS” rally in Washington D.C. prompted a local response as well.  Across from a nondescript office building that houses the Tallahassee IRS offices, a dozen men and women gathered in support of the Tea Party.  Coordinators Michael Jones and Susan Hemeryck organized the event in solidarity with the demonstration in Washington D.C.