Ion Sancho

Leon County’s Elections Supervisor, Ion Sancho, said he has no plans to remove voters from the county’s voter rolls despite a ruling from a federal judge saying it’s okay to purge non-citizen. Sancho said he doesn’t think the information about who is or isn’t a citizen is accurate enough.

Florida is getting the DMV involved in its plan to check whether thousands of registered voters are legal U.S. Citizens. And, as Sascha Cordner reports, some elections supervisors say it’s about time.

Some Florida’s elections supervisors are protesting the governor’s efforts to rank them. Regan McCarthy reports the supervisors claim it feels to them like the governor is trying to take some control of the election process.

As Florida legislators  are working to draw new voting district maps, Leon County Elections Supervisor Ion Sancho talks about how the process is often use to manipulate election outcomes.