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Three hundred fifty high schoolers signed up to vote through the voter registration challenge sponsored by the Leon County School board and Supervisor of Elections.

The Florida Presidential Primary election is over, but voters have more decisions to make in this year’s important electoral cycle.

Leon County Readies for Presidential Primary

Feb 12, 2016
Tom Flanigan

Leon County’s preparations for Florida’s March 15th Presidential Primary Election are well underway.

On Tuesday (2/9), County Elections Supervisor Ion Sancho was supervising the mailing out of some 17,000 ballots from the main Tallahassee post office. He noted these were once known as “absentee ballots”.

“It used to be that you needed an excuse to vote by mail,” he said. “That is why they called it an ‘absentee ballot’. You actually has to be physically absent from the county before you could vote by mail.”

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The first of what may be several candidates to succeed longtime Leon County Supervisor of Elections Ion Sancho filed his campaign paperwork Monday morning.  The candidate is no stranger to the local elections office and Sancho says, in the 27 years he’s been supervisor, this is the first candidate endorsement he’s made.

Think You Can't Vote In Leon County? You Might Be Wrong

Nov 3, 2014
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Leon County’s elections supervisor says some voters might not realize they’re eligible to cast ballots in Tuesday’s midterm election.

First, Ion Sancho says, many residents who are registered to vote in other Florida counties can vote in Leon on Election Day instead.

“People who are saying, ‘Gosh, my voter registration—I registered to vote in Gainesville, but I’ve been living here for a couple years’no problem. You can register and vote here because under the eyes of court decisions, you’re living here," he says. 

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Saturday is the last day Floridians can early vote ahead of the November 4th general election. With just days left, an ad is now circulating with Leon County election supervisor Ion Sancho encouraging citizens to vote early.

The goal of Sancho’s TV and digital ad is to encourage registered Leon County residents to get out the vote. He first touts the seven early voting locations that are available. Then, he outlines what’s at stake.

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Early voting is underway in Leon County ahead of the November 4th general election, and Supervisor of Elections Ion Sancho says it's going smoothly so far.

“All seven locations have been up and running now for the better part of two days,said Sancho. “On Monday, we had over 1,900 voters vote, and right now, we’re well on the way to match that pace.”

Sancho adds mail balloting is also continuing at the same time as in-person early voting.

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Monday is the last day to register to vote in Florida ahead of the November general election.

If you want to vote November 4th and help decide some key local, state, and congressional races, Duval County Supervisor of Elections Jerry Holland says interested Floridians must be registered by Monday.

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Ahead of any general election, it can be easy for voters to get confused. And, at least one area of Florida is reporting confusion over the 2nd Amendment, the right to bear arms, to a medical marijuana initiative known as Amendment 2 set to appear on the November ballot.

Unlike the last general election, where voters were faced with 11 state constitutional amendments, this year they’ll only be faced with three—not counting local ballot initiatives.

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Early voting for the primary kicks off Saturday in Leon County. And while Florida has what are called "closed primaries," that doesn’t mean a person has to be a Democrat or Republican to have a say in some races. Leon County Elections Supervisor Ion Sancho says some local races, like school board will be decided during the primary election.