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Florida’s first Lieutenant Governor under Governor Rick Scott says she wants to set the record straight about certain things that occurred during her time with the Scott administration. It’s all part of Jennifer Carroll’s autobiography—released last month—that she’s now promoting across the state.

In Carroll’s book, “When You Get There,” the Trinidadian native writes about different parts of her life.

Former Florida Lieutenant Governor Jennifer says writing an autobiography on her life leading up to the events of her resignation was both therapeutic and a source of healing. She’s now promoting her book, “When You Get There,” which was released last month.

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When lawmakers passed a measure last session to crack down on internet cafes running illegal gaming operations, some worried the bill also meant “game over” for family arcades. A measure filed this year is aimed at backing off some of those rules so those businesses can stay open without gambling on the possibility of a lawsuit.

Capital Lanes in Tallahassee is more than just a bowling alley. It also houses a bar and sizeable arcade

The Florida Arcade Association wants lawmakers to remove language from a bill banning internet cafes that they say will hurt their industry.  The ban has already cleared the House and is making its way through the Senate. 

A group of senior arcade supports are traveling to Tallahassee to appear before the Senate committee that will take up the café bill Tuesday.

Internet Cafe Ban Overwhelmingly Passes House

Mar 22, 2013

The Florida House has passed a ban on Internet cafes with overwhelming support on Friday. The issue became a priority after a federal probe into Internet cafes resulted in the recent resignation of Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll.   

The Internet café ban passed with the support of 108 House members. Among them was Rep. Jimmy Patronis (R-Panama City). He thanked sponsor Carlos Trujillo for organizing the bill so quickly.

Lawmakers are working to combat what they call “grey market gaming.” A bill aimed at knocking out Internet sweepstakes cafes passed a House committee Friday with a 15-1 vote, just three days after officials announced a case against the Internet Cafe operator, Allied Veterans of the World.

The Orlando Sentinel reviewed state campaign contribution record and found that Allied Veterans of the World, the group at the center of a multi-state gambling investigation, and its affiliates, made $1.3 million in political contributions to Republicans, Democrats and several lawmakers who deal with state gaming laws.

Carroll Resignation Stirs Questions About Internet Cafes and Gov.'s 2014 Reelection

Mar 13, 2013
Exective Office of the Governor


Florida’s Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll has resigned amidst a criminal investigation involving her consulting firm. As the Florida Times-Union first reported, Carroll’s firm did work for internet café operator Allied Veterans of the World. Its owners were recently arrested on racketeering charges.

Carroll submitted a brief resignation letter Tuesday morning, saying simply, "it has been an honor to have served the state of Florida in this capacity".

Carroll's Controversies Overshadow History Making Election

The battle over whether to regulate or decimate Internet cafes was raging in the Florida Legislature Thursday.  Tom Flanigan reports the House is betting elimination beats regulation.

After many committee meetings, debate and amendments, Republican Representative Scott Plakon of Longwood was bringing his bill to the House floor for the last time.

“This bill brings greater clarity to our laws as it relates to the storefront casinos/Internet sweepstakes centers that law enforcement from top to bottom has been asking us to clarify.”

A Senate Committee Thursday voted to regulate Internet Cafes instead of shutting them down.  James Call reports the move dealt a blow to critics of the so-called sweepstakes operations who say they are nothing more than strip-plaza casinos.

Lawmakers are considering a bill that would outlaw gambling in so called “Internet Cafes.” The businesses have been popping up in strip malls, across from Laundromats and next to grocery stores.  But Regan McCarthy reports  they’re not really a place to get coffee. They’re actually a business with a certain kind of gambling that some legislators say sneaks through a loophole in the state’s laws.