informal adoption

MGN Online

A bill aimed at making sure more kids don’t die from abuse or neglect under the care of the state’s foster care system is now advancing in the House. The latest plan to revamp the Florida Department of Children and Families builds on a recent investigative series by the Miami Herald.

Florida Channel

Florida lawmakers moved a bill forward Tuesday that would make it illegal for a parent to go through an informal adoption without court supervision. It’s in response to a Reuters investigation that found people who adopted children from overseas sometimes put those same kids up for adoption through online posts. Hollywood Democratic Senator Eleanor Sobel is the main sponsor of the bill.

Florida Senate

A Florida lawmaker hopes to prohibit a practice called “private re-homing” during the 2014 session. The move follows a probe that found people who adopted children overseas gave up those same kids through an informal adoption online.

Informal Online Adoption

According to a Reuters investigation, Americans who tired of raising children they adopt overseas sometimes find their way to online groupsthrough Yahoo and Facebookto advertise the child for a second adoption.