Hurricane Hermine

One of Tallahassee’s most vulnerable communities waited three days to get power restored after Hurricane Hermine, and an industry advocate isn’t the only one concerned.

Leon County Library will double as one of several food, water and cooling shelters.
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Leon County Government, the City of Tallahassee and Emergency Management staff collaborates with the American Red Cross and Salvation Army to continue offering relief to citizens following Hurricane Hermine.

Talquin Electric works to restore power in Wakulla County following Hurricane Hermine. 99 percent of the county was without power after the storm.
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Governor Rick Scott says the City of Tallahassee needs more help in restoring power to the more than 20,000 customers still in the dark. It’s been four days since Hurricane caused most of Leon County and the Big Bend to go dark. Local officials have been criticized for not accepting all the offers of assistance that they could have. Scott told reporters Monday evening more help is on the way.

City of Tallahassee power outtages as of 9/4/16 6:50 p.m.
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More than 33,000 Leon County homes remain without power on the third day following Hurricane Hermine. And some are growing increasingly frustrated with the restoration process. Now Governor Rick Scott has ordered additional teams to help the City of Tallahassee restore power, even as city officials try to tamp down on criticism.

Governor Rick Scott is warning Floridians to avoid unnecessary driving and downed power lines as officials begin to toll the damage from Hurricane Hermine.

Tallahassee and Florida State University goes dark as Hurricane Hermine makes landfall.
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Early Friday Hurricane Hermine became the first such storm to make landfall in Florida in more than a decade. With damage across North Florida, Big Bend residents will be putting in lots of recover work during the Labor Day weekend.

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Hurricane Hermine is approaching the Big Bend. It is expected to make landfall to the East of Tallahassee. The biggest threat to coastal areas is storm surge. Tallahassee is the closest big city to the center of the storm and could also see damaging effects.