Hurricane Hermine

Big Brothers Big Sisters Finds Temporary Home

Oct 5, 2016
Big Brothers Big Sisters and ReThink Energy Florida staff, 2014
Nick Evans

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Big Bend is moving to a new location. The organization’s building suffered major damage following Hurricane Hermine.

Tom Flanigan

A community party to show appreciation for all those who helped before during and after Hurricane Hermine took place at Tallahassee's Tom Brown Park on Sunday (10/2).

Gwen Graham's twitter

North Florida Congresswoman Gwen Graham is asking federal officials to expand President Barack Obama’s disaster declaration for Florida counties affected by Hurricane Hermine.

Florida Department of Transportation Secretary Jim Boxold is admiring the audacity of some Tallahassee residents who were forced to get creative last month when Hurricane Hermine knocked out power.

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President Barack Obama has announced a disaster declaration for counties affected by Hurricane Hermine.

Tallahassee Makes Second Round Cleaning Storm Debris

Sep 26, 2016
Nick Evans

Storms, like Hurricane Hermine, leave behind broken branches and other potentially harmful wreckage. As Tallahassee continues its post Hermine recovery, some worry heavy rain could wash debris into the storm drains, potentially clogging them, and leading to flooding.

Hermine's Debris Is Tallahassee's Mulch

Sep 21, 2016

Hurricane Hermine left Tallahassee with more than 2,000 truckloads of vegetative wreckage. MARPAN Recycling is turning some of that waste into wood chips. MARPAN Recycling and Marketing Manager George Loscilo explained how the debris would be repurposed.

It’s National Preparedness Month, and the city of Valdosta is encouraging residents to always have a plan in case of an emergency—especially after Hurricane Hermine.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott
State of Florida, Meredyth Hope Hall

Florida Governor Rick Scott is expecting the federal government to help out in the wake of Hurricane Hermine.

Florida Public Radio Emergency Network / @FloridaStorms

A citizens group is drafting recommendations on how to improve the response to storms like Hurricane Hermine. The restoration efforts in Tallahassee raised concerns among residents and Governor Rick Scott.

Tom Flanigan

Some who say the storm recovery of Tallahassee’s electric system took too long are urging more of that system go underground. But the city isn’t rushing to dig utility trenches just yet.

Nick Evans

Hermine is the first Hurricane to strike Florida in more than a decade. The storm plunged nearly all of North Florida, including the state’s capital city of Tallahassee, into darkness. Now the lights have come back on and they’re shining directly on to a Governor trying to make a bigger national mark, and a mayor considered a rising Democratic star.

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After about two months in recess, Congress is back in Washington D.C., and people are hopeful there will be some agreement on what can be done to combat the Zika virus—which has already plagued more than 750 Floridians. That comes as the Senate failed to pass another Zika funding bill again this week and there may be even more issues surrounding the mosquito-borne disease on the table.

Bart Everson via flickr /

Hurricane Hermine narrowly missed hitting Florida on primary election day, making landfall three days after polls had closed. But what happens when elections take a rain check?

Gov. Scott's clean up efforts could lay the ground work for his next political move.
Nick Evans

Florida Governor Rick Scott has been putting his shoulder into Hurricane Hermine response efforts.

Volunteer Florida

Volunteer Florida has a few tips for those interested in volunteering their time or donating money to help Hurricane Hermine victims.

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Due to storm damage and power outages, some Tallahassee residents are staying in local hotels. Even as football fans flock to the city for the first home game of the season, hotel owners say there’s plenty of room.

Governor Scott helping clear debris with the Florida Department of Transportation and volunteers.
Nick Evans

Governor Rick Scott spent Wednesday clearing debris with a group of volunteers from state agencies.

Private Contractors To Help Pick Up Local Debris

Sep 7, 2016
Crews cleaning post Hermine debris in Tallahassee.

The heavy winds of Hermine have left behind fallen trees and broken branches among other unsafe debris on the road. Leon County Spokesman Mathieu Cavell stated the city and county are using private contractors to clean up the community.

During the time of a disaster, the state usually sees a spike in charitable giving. But, Florida officials are asking people to be mindful of charity-related scams, in the aftermath of Hurricane Hermine. 

Valdosta Phone App Speeds Hurricane Relief

Sep 6, 2016
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Hurricane winds and heavy rain led to downed power lines and power outages after Hermine. The City of Valdosta’s response to the damage may take weeks.

Governor Rick Scott is making short-term, interest-free loans available to small businesses impacted by Hurricane Hermine.

The Tallahassee City Commission meets to discuss the response to Hurricane Hermine
LHatter / WFSU News

Hurricane Hermine has taken it’s toll on Tallahassee—leaving downed trees and power lines in its wake. That’s posed logistical challenges to teams trying to restore power, and frustrating residents who have been without for days. Now  city and county leaders are trying to address those concerns. But some say the efforts come too late.

Tom Flanigan

More than a dozen of Tallahassee’s African-American pastors are defending the city’s mayor and other local officials in their efforts to restore electricity after Hurricane Hermine.

Hurricane Hermine downed trees throughout the Big Bend region—cutting power and prompting insurance claims.
Nick Evans

Florida Cabinet officials are warning Big Bend residents to be wary of scams as Hurricane Hermine recovery continues.