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The U.S. State Department considers child marriage a human rights abuse. Still, the practice continues not just in faraway places, but in the state of Florida. A coalition is walking the halls of the state capitol to change that.

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Florida’s U.S. Senators, Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson, joined 18 other Congressional colleagues in filing bipartisan legislation crack down on websites, which knowingly facilitate online sex trafficking. They’re targeting one website in particular.

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State officials continue to battle human trafficking in the state of Florida. This Session, lawmakers are offering multiple bills that could protect victims and penalize traffickers.

Capital Report: 11-01-2013

Nov 1, 2013

For many uninsured Floridians, the federal government’s online marketplace offers an opportunity to obtain health insurance—the cost of which will be heavily subsidized. But glitches in the site have made signing up a challenge, and an increasing number of people are turning to local resources for help. But as Lynn Hatter reports, in North Florida, that help is proving hard to find.

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A human rights organization which advocates for people in the Middle Eastern nation of Bahrain is raising concerns about a triathlon taking place in Panama City this weekend. Two members of the Bahraini royal family who are accused of torturing protestors in their home country are slated to take part in the Panhandle race, but police say they're not taking any special precautions.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott is calling for the state health department to investigate massage therapy schools after it’s been revealed that hundreds of massage therapists obtained state licenses through fraud. Investigators are concerned the illegally licensed massage therapists might be the victims of human trafficking.

Scott has ordered the suspension of 81 massage licenses so far. Some of the women reportedly paid up to $15,000 to get fake college certificates and transcripts, which they submitted to the state during their application. 

Florida State Attorney General Pam Bondi says the law she pushed to crack down on human trafficking is working. Bondi is adding a human trafficking page to her website to show how the state is fighting it.

Bondi says she’s very excited about the results of the state’s human trafficking crackdown after a tougher law went into effect on July 1. Trafficking refers to the crime of moving and enslaving people against their will, often for sex work.