Holly Raschein

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A Florida lawmaker wants to put some regulations in place for laser hair removal technicians.

Nick Evans

Lobbying is often done with food, but seldom on this scale:

Six thousand key limes.

Two hundred pounds of graham crackers.

And 55 gallons of sweetened condensed milk.

It’s a modern take on an old adage – the organizers behind Florida Keys Day are hoping the fastest way to a lawmaker’s heart is through their stomach. The event has been a hit at the capitol for years now, but Chef David Sloan says this year’s pie makes it unique.

It would be illegal for employers to discriminate based on employees’ sexual orientation or gender identity, if a bipartisan-sponsored bill passes the Florida Legislature. The sponsors say the measure should help the state attract business.

The anti-discrimination bill, called the Florida Competitive Workforce Act, would expand the protections given to all genders and ability levels, and apply them to sexual orientations and gender identities.

Mallory Wells, with the advocacy group Equality Florida, said, “Right now, you can be fired for being gay in Florida.”

A nonprofit organization that tries to keep Florida government transparent and accountable is releasing its watch list of the “best” and “worst” bills filed so far for this legislative session. The First Amendment Foundation announced its list at the Florida Capitol on Wednesday.

The Foundation’s "worst of the worst" is a bill filed by Rep. Holly Raschein (R-Key Largo). The bill would exempt financial records of companies that submit bids for state contracts because, it says, such openness gives an unfair advantage to competing firms.