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Leon County Jail

Florida State University police have arrested a second fraternity member accused of selling drugs on campus. The move comes a day after the school announced more arrests for drug sales would be forthcoming.


Florida State University is suspending all of its fraternities and sororities indefinitely after the recent death of a fraternity pledge and the arrest of a member for selling drugs.

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Florida State University graduate assistants are negotiating for more generous benefits. The effort comes after the administration cut healthcare coverage for the children and spouses of grad assistants. 

Florida’s public colleges and universities could lose about $164 million under budget cut proposals rolled out Monday in the House.

Sen. Joe Negron (R-Stuart) speaks to members of the Florida Board of Governors Tuesday, 6/21/16
Florida Channel

The Florida Senate has approved wide-ranging changes to the state’s higher education system. It’s a top priority of Senate President Joe Negron. But that doesn’t mean it’s a priority for the House.

A Senate plan for changes to the state’s public colleges and universities sailed smoothly through its first panel hearing Monday. Questions mostly centered on how schools could implement block tuition and use a four-year graduation rate as part of the state’s higher ed accountability system.

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The future could get a little brighter for some Florida college students. There’s a growing consensus to increase awards for some of the state’s highest academic performers. Legislative and state leaders seem to be in agreement when it comes to lowering the cost of higher ed.

Sen. Joe Negron (R-Stuart) speaks to members of the Florida Board of Governors Tuesday, 6/21/16
Florida Channel

Incoming Senate President Joe Negron says universities should be judged on their four-year graduation rates. And he’s also calling for more money in student aid, research and maintenance projects.


Governor Rick Scott has kicked off his higher education summit, but the shindig is already under fire from critics who say it’s missing something—educators.

(L-R) Sen. Bill Montford (D-Tallahassee), Sen. Oscar Braynon (D-Miami), Sen. Anitere Flores (R-Miami) and Sen. Joe Negron (R-Stuart).
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Higher education promises to be a central focus for incoming Senate President Joe Negron, and he just completed a four day tour of Florida’s university system.  Every school wants the same things, but the visit to two schools in Tallahassee shows they’re not starting from the same place.

Proposal Could Make Higher Ed Cheaper, At A Price

Nov 18, 2015
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The House Higher Education Subcommittee is moving forward with a bill that could make higher education cheaper.

Leon County’s three higher education institutions are looking for ways to turn their research into dollars. The schools say research, and commercialization efforts are a way to bring more jobs to the area.

THOMASVILLE -- The academic landscape in South Georgia will change dramatically a month from now. On July 1, Southwest Georgia Technical College, a fixture in Thomasville since 1947, will merge with Moultrie Technical College, which began in 1964, to become Southern Regional Technical College.


Tallahassee Community College (TCC) and Valdosta State University (VSU) are partnering to simplify student transition between the two schools.

The agreements will allow TCC students with an Associate’s degree and the required grade point average to gain admission to VSU and pay in-state tuition. VSU’s Joe Weaver says the programs are a part of his school’s effort to bring non-traditional students into the Georgia university system.


After years of pushing to keep undergraduate tuition down at the state’s public colleges and universities, Governor Rick Scott is now targeting graduate degree programs.

The federal government says tuition now makes up the greater share of funding at public colleges and universities across the country. The same is true for Florida, where dollars paid by students are greater than the state’s funding to the schools.

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Florida A&M University’s new president is still making the rounds getting to know Tallahassee. In a Tuesday address to the Economic Club of Florida Elmira Mangum says while most of the issues in higher education are universal, there are some unique quirks to Florida.

"[The] biggest surprise? It was the [Sunshine] Amendment. My first 48 hours...(laughter)" she said. "Everything else in higher education is Par.”

Capital Report: 03-27-2014

Mar 27, 2014

On Wednesday the House Appropriations Committee signed off on a 75.3 billion dollar spending plan for the upcoming fiscal year. Thursday it was the Senate’s turn. That chamber’s appropriations committee has okayed a slightly smaller 74.9 billion dollar plan, but as Lynn Hatter reports, talks about higher education spending dominated the conversation.

A 51-page proposal before The House Education and Workforce Committee is aimed at keeping science and technology-inclined students in the state and calls on schools to do more with tracking how well students perform in the job market post-graduation. The proposal outlines performance-based bonuses for adult education programs, public K-12 schools and colleges and universities.

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The Florida Democrats have been attacking Republicans for cuts to higher education and tuition increases. And as Lynn Hatter reports Wednesday Florida Democratic Party Chairman Rod Smith and former Governor Bob Graham raised the issue alongside university students.

The Republican-led legislature cut $300 million dollars from the state’s public university system this year and tuition rates have been climbing. Democrats say the state’s decision to cut higher education funding shows a lack of support for the state’s schools.

Sign Asking for Ideas
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Tallahassee Community College is seeking input from the public on how it can better serve and partner with private businesses, government and nonprofits. The college held the first of three town halls on Tuesday night.

TCC administrators are trying to craft a strategic long-term plan for how to stay relevant in the Florida Panhandle community.  Among those who shared their ideas at Tuesday’s town hall in Tallahassee were business owners, directors of nonprofits and government employees.


A federal judge in Miami has ruled that children of undocumented immigrants living in Florida should receive the lower in-state tuition rate for public colleges and universities. The issue has been a long-running dispute in Florida. Despite the judge’s ruling, children of undocumented immigrants, especially those brought to the country when they were younger, still face many challenges.

Historically Black Colleges and Universities aren’t just for black students. While many of these institutions, commonly referred to as “HBCU’s” have their roots set in America’s segregated past, today they are the college or university of choice for an increasingly diverse array of students.       

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The formation of Florida’s 12th and newest public university, Florida Polytechnic, comes after protests from several lawmakers and many at the University of South Florida, whose polytech program is being phased out with the creation of the new university. On Wednesday in Orlando, Florida Polytech’s board of trustees met for the first time to learn just what’s expected of them and what challenges might get in their way.

Governor Rick Scott’s higher education panel is in its “brainstorming” phase. Recommendations for making the state’s colleges and universities more efficient are due to the Governor in the next few months.  At meeting in St. Petersburg Thursday, the group discussed the need for the state’s many higher education systems to be more organized and affordable.

Students enrolling in Florida colleges have a new tool online to help them make more informed decisions about which school and which field of study to pick. The Smart College Choices Web application is a free tool that reports in-state employment rates and earnings potential for about 300 fields of study offered at Florida schools.