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College and career readiness is a phrase people in the education world throw around a lot and definitions of the term vary wildly depending whom you ask. But, most are in agreement that whatever college and career readiness means, Florida students don’t seem to be making the grade.


Around 160,000 high school seniors graduated in Florida last year. But how many of them were ready for college or a career? One state lawmaker has filed a bill he’s hoping will give Florida graduates a fighting chance in the post-high school world.

411 Teen: Godby IB (5/20/12)

Jun 7, 2012

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A group of state and federal officials want to know if Florida’s high school graduates are ready for college or careers. The National Assessment of Education Progress spear-headed the event- with an eye toward how to make its test more relevant to students who may have already tuned out of school by their senior year. But as Lynn Hatter reports, getting those students to tune back in, is easier said, than done.