Heather Mitchell


United Way of the Big Bend President & CEO Heather Mitchell is stepping down to take a new job--at Tallahassee Community College.

Mitchell became the youngest president & CEO and the first woman to head the agency when she was appointed to the post two years ago. She replaced Ken Armstrong, who was head of the United Way of the Big Bend for 16 years prior to Mitchell's appointment.


Read the announcement from TCC below:


In less than two weeks, a group of community leaders and local officials is expected to come up with ways to help reduce Tallahassee’s sudden increase in gun violence, and some members of the panel say they’re ready to start.

Heather Mitchell is the President of the United Way of the Big Bend, and one of the newly established 16-member Community Leadership Council on Gun Violence. Tallahassee Police Chief Mike DeLeo recently announced it was part of a five-prong approach to get feedback, after a series of officer-involved shootings in recent weeks.


The United Way of the Big Bend has a new leader for the first time in 16 years. The news comes after current president Ken Armstrong announced he is stepping down to take a position at a construction company. Lynn Hatter reports the United Way chose to recruit one of its own as the new agency head.

The United Way’s Heather Mitchell will assume the role as President and CEO. Mitchell joined the agency five years ago, and currently serves as head of resource development. She says she’s got big ideas she hopes to bring to the job.