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Oxitec CEO Hadyn Parry believes his genetically modified mosquitos will slow the spread of Zika. Now he’s calling for public support.

The LeRoy Collins Institute's new study shows the state has more than $8 billion in unfunded health care benefits for retirees.
LeRoy Collins Institute

Here's something for retirees to consider: A Florida policy think tank is out with its latest report on government obligations. The LeRoy Collins Institute says the Florida legislature should reconsider a mandate allowing municipal workers to hang on to their government-backed health benefits after they retire. Commons /

Florida Hospitals will now have to be more transparent when it comes to pricing, and consumers will get more protections from unexpected healthcare bills.  Governor Rick Scott signed off on the measures Thursday.

A decade long fight over Medicaid has come to a close. Parents and organizations providing healthcare to kids sued the state, saying Florida’s old Medicaid program wasn’t serving kids. Now, they say, Florida has an opportunity to make the system better. 

A decade long lawsuit against Florida’s Medicaid program has come to a close. Florida and organizations representing the state’s dentists and pediatricians, have reached a settlement deal  that could lead to kids having more access to healthcare in the program.