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This week South Carolina decided to sue the maker OxyContin for deceptive marketing.

Drug Abuse Foundation of Palm Beach County CEO Alton Taylor
Florida Channel

A bipartisan panel of Florida lawmakers is reaching out to local agencies to improve the response to Florida’s opioid crisis.

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Florida’s Office of Medical Marijuana has issued two new cannabis licenses under the terms of a measure passed in this June’s special session.  Jim Eaton is an attorney with one of the new licensees, 3 Boys Farm.

Knox Medical's new dispensary.
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Tallahassee is getting a new medical marijuana dispensary.

Julia Kaye speaking after the hearing.
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The Florida Legislature and the American Civil Liberties Union are again squaring off in a Tallahassee courtroom over a 2015 law requiring women wait 24 hours before getting an abortion.  With the measure already on hold, the judge granted the state’s request for two additional months to work on its case.

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States across the country are struggling to hold off a rising tide of opioid abuse and Florida is no exception.  But the return of harsh penalties for possession—a hallmark of the war on drugs—is frustrating a broad spectrum of advocates and officials.

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Bay County health officials are offering a two week immunization clinic ahead of students returning to school.  

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Advocates are urging Florida wildlife officials to back federal legislation banning the sale of shark fins.  But some think prohibition could be counterproductive.

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Local officials and cannabis advocates are chafing under Florida’s latest medical marijuana legislation.  But they’re reacting to the new regime in different ways.

John Morgan
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Personal injury lawyer John Morgan is taking the state to court over its newly adopted marijuana law.  The outspoken medical cannabis advocate believes patients should be allowed to smoke the drug.

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The Department of Health’s new rules for medical marijuana are taking effect.  The provisions carry out a last minute legislative measure approved in a June special session.

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Provisions in the medical marijuana legislation approved during last week’s special session are raising eyebrows.  The bill contains language seemingly written to favor specific companies.

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Florida’s nascent medical marijuana industry is encouraging state lawmakers to draft a measure implementing amendment two.  If they refuse, the Department of Health will take the lead.

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State leaders are calling the Legislature back to Tallahassee for a special session.  But medical marijuana isn’t part of their plans.

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Activists statewide are urging U.S. Senator Marco Rubio reject a controversial healthcare overhaul approved earlier this month by the House.  They showed up Tuesday at the Republican’s offices throughout the state.

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More Floridians could lose their health insurance under legislation being considered by the U.S. Senate. That includes the poor, the disabled and military veterans.

Commissioner Adam Putnam on the campaign trail.
Adam Putnam campaign

Agriculture Commissioner, and Republican candidate for governor, Adam Putnam is adding his voice to the chorus calling for a medical marijuana special session.

Tallahassee Memorial To Hire 500 Nurses

May 18, 2017
Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare

Tallahassee Memorial Hospital is about to enlarge its campus and staff. The hospital hopes to add several hundred nurses.

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Florida service providers are wasting no time taking advantage of nearly $30 million in federal money for addressing the opioid epidemic.

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School is back in session for more than 2.5 million public school students in Florida. And there are big changes in the way schools are going about feeding them. The menu calls for healthier lunches and more fruits and vegetables, but whether the kids will eat them and whether schools can afford the healthier food, is another matter.  

It’s lunch time at Tallahassee’s Cobb Middle School and sixth grader Jesse Lowe is chowing down on a Chick-Fil-A sandwich and an ice cream bar that he bought from the school. He admits, it’s not exactly the world’s healthiest lunch.

New rules on what can and can’t be served on cafeteria trays are going in effect for the start of a new school year.  The menu calls for more fruits and vegetables, and the state is working to encourage kids to those fruits and veggies instead of throwing them away.

Healthier meals don’t have to spell the end of traditional lunch stables like pizza and French fries. That’s according to Robin Safley, health of the Florida Department of Agriculture’s school nutrition department. She says the new rules just mean schools will have to get creative in the kitchen.

Florida Department of Agriculture

For many students in Florida, summer vacation means finally getting out of the classroom and away from tests and homework.  For others, the summer months could also mean trying to figure out where their next meal will come from.  Research shows that during the summer most students forget some of what they’ve learned over the school year.

Bond unveils new mobile health unit

Apr 26, 2012

Bond Community Health Center employees will now be making house calls for patients in greater Leon County. Ryan Benk reports the new “mobile health center” will offer preventative care for all who need it.

County Commissioner Bill Proctor uses a pair of wooden scissors about the length of his arm to cut a pink ribbon, officially opening the Bond Community Mobile Health Center. It’s a large bus with two exam rooms, hi-tech instruments and equipment. Bond CEO JR Richards says the mobile unit embodies the community health center’s mission.