6:16 pm
Thu August 16, 2012

FAMU To Enter Mediation Session In Hazing Lawsuit

Florida A&M University wants to settle a lawsuit stemming from the hazing death of one of the school band’s drum majors. University trustees voted Thursday to direct their attorney’s to enter a mediation session with the attorneys representing the parents of Robert Champion, who died in November after being beaten in a hazing ritual. Lynn Hatter reports FAMU’s attorney says they want the courts to dismiss the lawsuit.  

A mediation session is required before the case against the university can go to a trial.

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8:16 pm
Wed July 11, 2012

FAMU President resigns as hazing lawsuit announced

University President James Ammons says his last day at the post will be October 11.

Florida A & M University President James Ammons resigned Wednesday in the wake of the hazing death of Marching 100 band drum major Robert Champion and other problems facing the university.

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2:48 pm
Wed July 11, 2012

FAMU's President Ammons resigns

Florida A&M University President James Ammons has resigned as the university continues to deal with the fallout from the hazing death of one of the school band's drum majors.

Just weeks ago FAMU's board of trustees issued a vote of "no confidence" in Ammons over the way the university has handled the case. Ammons said at the time he had considered stepping aside but in the end decided to remain.

Wednesday, Ammons issued a letter to the board stating his intentions to leave the university.

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WFSU Local
3:28 pm
Fri June 8, 2012

Political pressure mounts as embattled FAMU president Ammons hangs on

FAMU trustees voted 8-4 for a vote of "no-confidence" in President James Ammons. That's one vote shy of the 2/3rds majority needed to remove him.

Florida A & M University President James Ammons is under increasing pressure to resign and that pressure went up another notch this week.  At a meeting of FAMU’s board, trustee’s issued a vote of no-confidence in the embattled president. The move is the latest stemming from the hazing death of one of the school’s drum major, Robert Champion.

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12:34 pm
Wed June 6, 2012

FAMU seeking to "rebrand" its image in the wake of hazing, audit problems

Update  1:21 pm:  The Florida A&M University National Alumni Association President, Tommy Mitchell, will address the media regarding the recent newspaper articles implying FAMU problems are so severe that FAMU President, James H. Ammons, should resign or be fired. The rally will focus on the outstanding achievements of FAMU and the recognition the university continues to receive in spite of the media’s focus on the Robert Champion Tragedy.

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