Gray Swoope

Gray Swoope
Enterprise Florida

It’s typical for second-term executives to shake up their political appointments after winning reelection.  Florida Governor Rick Scott’s reshuffling has not been without controversy, and one departure in particular could prove decisive in whether Scott meets his goals for the next four years.

Enterprise Florida

Florida’s top jobs recruiter is stepping down from his post.

At the end of February, Gray Swoope will resign.  He’s the state’s Secretary of Commerce as well as the head of Enterprise Florida, the state’s lead economic development agency.

Swoope was one of the few top officials who served during Governor Rick Scott’s entire first term.

In a statement following Swoope’s announced departure, Scott hailed Swoope for creating “a jobs legacy” and for making “major economic deals” happen for the state.


As winter weather exits Florida, and with spring on the horizon, another yearly season (not subject to an equinox) has descended upon the state: It’s legislative priorities season.  Those who are prepared stand a better chance of basking in the warm glow of cooperative lawmakers. Those who aren’t may get left out in the cold.

Florida Governor Rick Scott has been busy not only traveling the state, but to other countries as well. He just finished a trade mission in Chile, one of the state’s largest trading partners. And, he’s now setting his sights on Japan and France.

Governor Rick Scott’s first term isn’t over yet, and already, he’s taken more trips overseas than his predecessor Charlie Crist.

Before he heads off on his next mission trip to Japan, Governor Rick Scott is touting the successes of his most recent trade delegation to Chile.

Scott just finished a three-day trade mission trip to Chile, Florida’s seventh largest trade partner. While on the trip, he made several announcements, including that the South American hotel group, Atton Hotels, will expand its operations in Miami. He also touted an international partnership between Florida-based Advanced Magnet Lab and Chilean groups to work on energy efficiency projects.

Enterprise Florida

All of us have bad days from time to time.  Occasionally, we may even have a few bad days in a row.  Tom Flanigan reports that, for Florida’s private-public organization that does economic development, this was definitely a bad week….

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Attracting new businesses to the state is the goal of a new state business brand unveiled Thursday. Governor Rick Scott along with the state’s leading economic development agency are hoping Florida’s familiar colors, neck ties, and marketing ads will translate to the state’s new business-friendly makeover.

“I’m happy to be here with all of you to launch Florida’s first ever business brand, a brand that will solidify our reputation around the nation and the world,” said Scott.


Florida Officials says the sunshine state is becoming a destination for the life sciences industry. The state is seeing an emergence in areas like biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

Enterprise Florida President Gray Swoope gave the governor and his cabinet an update Tuesday on his agency’s efforts to grow jobs. He said Florida ranks second now for growth in life sciences.