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Florida Channel

Florida A&M university may be one of the nation’s top historically black colleges or universities, but it’s the lowest performing university in the state. And, as FAMU’s interim President Larry Robinson unveiled his work plan Wednesday, he assured the Board of Governors that he’s working to change that.

Florida Department of Education

The Florida Department of Education says it’s investigating whether some school districts are inflating their graduation rates.  Leon and Gadsden County Schools use a company called EdMentum, also known as EdOptions. Hamilton, Dixie and Levy County Schools use a company called Smart Horizons. Others use Giant Campus. Such programs are at the center of the state's probe.

A new study takes a look at graduation rates among alternative schools like charters and virtual options.
Johns Hopkins University

Charter schools, virtual schools and alternative schools have been held up as positive substitutes for kids who are struggling in a traditional public school setting. Several reports have found that students do as well as or sometimes better in charters. But a new report from Johns Hopkins University finds that success may not be carrying over into graduation rates.

Florida Department of Education

Graduation rates in Florida’s Big Bend are up—with Gadsden and Jefferson Counties posting double-digit increases in the number of kids earning diplomas.

Florida’s public university governing board has approved a work plan for Florida A&M University but some board members are concerned the goals are still too low. At least one member is openly questioned whether FAMU’s goal to serve low-income students is obsolete.


Every year, thousands of students fail to get a standard Florida high school diploma despite staying in school. Those students aren’t considered dropouts, but they aren’t counted as graduates either. Instead  those students are falling into a bit of “diploma limbo.”

According to the federal government, Florida’s graduation rate is around 74.5 percent, but that doesn’t mean a quarter of students dropped out.

Florida A&M University has the lowest graduation rate out of all the state’s public universities. And the board that oversees those universities is not pleased.