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Capital Report: 03-10-2015

Mar 10, 2015

The Florida Cabinet squared off again Tuesday on the issue of reviewing and replacing agency leaders.  Nick Evans reports much of Governor Rick Scott’s plan was either thrown out or put off to a later date. 

Several Florida lawmakers insist a supplement called Kratom (CRAY-tim) should be classified as a schedule one drug. But Regan McCarthy reports others argue there’s not enough proof the drug is harmful and worry one more illegal substance could mean a whole bunch more people headed for jail.

The Florida Channel

By long-standing tradition, the start of the yearly Florida Legislative Session includes the Governor’s state of the state address.  This was Governor Rick Scott’s fifth state of the state speech.  He kicked it off somewhat uncharacteristically by poking a bit of fun at himself.

Capital Report: 01-30-2015

Feb 2, 2015

Well, forget all those campaign promises to shrink government and grow the job market.  Governor Rick Scott this week had to put his money where his mouth is in the course of rolling out his 77-billion dollar spening proposal this week.  As Jim Ash reports, Scott’s idea of jolting the economy includes 673-million dollars in tax cuts and his notion of a smaller government is eliminating 1,017 state positions.

Governor Rick Scott's administration has released its version of the events leading up to the departure of the former Florida Department of Law Enforcement Commissioner. The move comes as high-level Republicans  call for an investigation into the firing of former FDLE Commissioner Gerald Bailey.

State of Florida /

Florida cabinet members continue to distance themselves from Governor Rick Scott over the removal of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Commissioner.

  Atwater, Bondi and Putnam to Revisit Bailey Ouster

Florida House of Representatives

The Republican Party of Florida has elected a new chair, state Rep. Blaise Ingoglia (R-Spring Hill). That means Governor Rick Scott’s hand-picked chairwoman, Leslie Dougher is out.

Dougher was appointed by Scott in May. She replaced Lenny Curry, who resigned in order to run for Mayor of Jacksonville. Dougher led the party to victory during the recent election cycle—and Republicans won a super-majority in the Florida House, and secured all cabinet positions, including Governor Rick Scott’s re-election. She was campaigning for a two-year term.

Capital Report: 01-09-2015

Jan 9, 2015

This week, Florida became the 36th state to allow same-sex marriages.  And Tuesday morning as a Governor and Attorney General that have long opposed the change celebrated their inauguration, Nick Evans reports just blocks away, same-sex couples were reciting their wedding vows.  

With same-sex couples getting hitched right across the street, Governor Rick Scott was sworn into office for the second time Tuesday. Lynn Hatter takes a look at what the governor is promising, and what’s changed from four years ago.

Capital Report: 12-05-2014

Dec 5, 2014

Florida recently received rulings in two cases the state’s governor had heavily supported. Both the cases reaffirm rulings against the state, but Regan McCarthy reports some doubt the findings will keep Governor Rick Scott from pushing both the cases forward.

Scott headshot
Governor Scott's Office

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Newly disclosed records are showing that Florida Gov. Rick Scott used a private email account to discuss state business.

The Scott administration turned over a batch of emails from a gmail account on Tuesday three months after the Associated Press first asked for them.

Most of the emails appear to be from 2011 and 2012. It is not a violation of law to have a private email account, but it would be a violation if someone asked for emails and the governor's office failed to turn them over.

Scott Narrowly Edges Out Crist To Win Second Term

Nov 4, 2014
Scott headshot
Governor Scott's Office

Florida Governor Rick Scott has been reelected. After a bitter, expensive campaign against Democratic challenger Charlie Crist, Scott declared victory by a 1.3 percent margin Tuesday night. 

Scott carried 48.2 percent of the vote as of 11:30 p.m. Many precincts are still counting mail-in ballots. But Scott held enough of a lead over Crist's 46.96 percent for Crist to concede. 

Governor Rick Scott is promising to keep tuition low at the state’s public colleges and universities. It’s on his list of education priorities if he wins a second term. The cost of higher education has consistently been a priority for the governor. Earlier this year, the Florida legislature stripped most public universities of their ability to request tuition hikes. An immediate effect of that move are decreases in the state’s prepaid college program, meaning, more than 56,000 families could see savings.

Capital Report: 07-25-2014

Jul 25, 2014

This week voting rights groups presented their case for redrawing Florida’s electoral map immediately rather than waiting until after this year’s election.  But as Nick Evans reports, officials charged with conducting elections are doubtful the plan could work. 

Meanwhile, as Sascha Cordner reports, Monday is the last day for residents to register to vote in Florida’s August primary election.

Scott talking to Reporters

Florida Gov. Rick Scott has a reputation for not answering direct questions from news reporters. Political experts say all office holders try to control their messages—but sometimes an unwillingness to address issues can overshadow what they’re trying to say.

A common theme runs through much of the recent news coverage of Scott.

Steve Cannon / Associated Press

A new poll released Wednesday on the upcoming 2014 gubernatorial race shows the path to Florida’s governor’s mansion is a lot less certain for most of the candidates than it was a few months ago.  The Libertarian candidate for governor is making inroads with voters—at the expense of Democratic hopeful Charlie Crist.

Nan Rich
Matthew Stolpe / WFSU News

Democratic candidate Nan Rich has officially qualified to run for Florida governor. Rich is now the second Democratic candidate to file in the gubernatorial race after former Gov. Charlie Crist filed his papers Monday.

Former state Sen. Nan Rich filed her paperwork at the Florida Division of Elections Tuesday morning. This comes after Republican Gov. Rick Scott and former Republican-turned-Democrat Crist qualified to run on Monday.

Chris O'Meara / The Associated Press

 As part of his effort to get reelected, Florida Gov. Rick Scott has proposed an XPRIZE-style reward for innovation to attract entrepreneurship to the state. Scott wants private investors to contribute half the cost of the $10 million Risk Taker Reward.

Scott announced the proposed reward on a recent campaign stop, where he compared it to the $25,000 incentive luring Charles Lindbergh to fly across the Atlantic. Scott released a policy paper saying the goal is pushing companies to solve societal problems including water shortages, transportation issues and cancer.

A record budget of $77 billion as well as several other bills were recently delivered to the Governor’s desk. And, as Governor Rick Scott looks to veto multiple budget turkeys from the state budget, there’s also one measure Scott has definitely promised to veto: a bill that could allow for the raising of speed limits on certain Florida highways.

The Florida Channel

A week after record flooding swept through Pensacola, state, federal and local authorities are still trying to assess the extent of damage. Florida Governor Rick Scott joined state and local politicians at the Escambia County Commission meeting Thursday morning.

Stan Jastrzebski

The children of undocumented immigrants in Florida will soon get to attend college for the same price as their cohorts. A bill to offer instate tuition to undocumented students passed the House Friday.

Now all that’s left is for Governor Rick Scott to ink his okay – a move that’s without much question since The governor voiced his support for the measure just after the vote.

Governor Rick Scott will be getting his half-billion dollars’ worth of tax breaks for Floridians.

The Senate has approved an extra $105 million in tax breaks Thursday.  The deal divvies up the funds between a dozen different proposals, including extra tax breaks for manufacturers and new sales tax holidays. Senate Appropriations Chairman Joe Negron explains the package.                 

The U.S. Supreme Court has rejected Governor Rick Scott's request to review a lower court ruling declaring his state employee drug testing policy unconstitutional.

The decision is a victory for 85,ooo state workers, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees and the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida, which challenged Scott's 2011 Executive Order as a waste of taxpayer money.

U.S. Supreme Court To Decide Whether To Take Up Gov. Scott's Drug Testing Appeal

Apr 15, 2014
Francis Storr via Flickr

The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to decide this week whether to weigh in on Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s controversial drug-testing policy. It’s been more than three years since Scott issued an executive order seeking across-the-board drug testing for state employees.

The high court is expected to discuss privately Friday whether to hear Scott’s appeal. The governor filed it after a lower court found that the drug-testing plan was too broad. Behind the scenes, justices sift through thousands of cases a year but decide to hear arguments in only about 100.

Sascha Cordner / WFSU-FM

The bipartisan bill to tweak Florida’s Stand Your Ground law appears stalled in the Florida Senate. And, several groups, including the so-called Dream Defenders, joined the measure’s author in calling for further discussion to changing the controversial law.

Senate Democratic Leader Chris Smith has been working side by side with Altamonte Springs Republican Senator David Simmons in trying to make changes to Florida’s Stand Your Ground law.

Smith says the legislation is needed to address some of the recent decisions associated with the law.

Florida Channel / Florida Channel

Motor vehicle title and registration fees will go down in September under a bill signed into law Wednesday by Gov. Rick Scott. 

Donald DeBevoise / WFSU-News

Florida Gov. Rick Scott and Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater rolled up their sleeves and joined a delegation of representatives from more than 100 Miami-Dade County groups to serve a hungry line of lobbyists, politicians and staffers large plates of paella in the midday sun today.