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Florida League of Cities Spokesman Ryan Matthews says overall, it was a successful Legislative Session for local governments.

“I think it was a successful legislative Session for local governments in general. We managed to defeat a number of preemptions and unfunded mandates and really came out relatively unscathed. I think the election year really loomed large over the session as a whole. Only 264 bills passed this year, and that’s really the lowest since 2011,” said Matthews.

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A measure that could have allowed for speed limits to be raised as high as 75 miles per hour on certain Florida highways is no longer in play.

While he admits there are times he’d like to go faster, Governor Rick Scott says he decided to listen to the advice of opponents to the measure and veto the bill.

The Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee and a Florida lawmaker are joining forces to speak out against two-abortion related bills that cleared the Florida Legislature this year and are awaiting Governor Rick Scott’s signature.

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During a visit to the 28th annual Governor’s Hurricane Conference in Orlando, Governor Rick Scott signed a measure into law that creates three sales tax holidays this year.

“The bill I signed today is $121 million right back into Florida citizens' hands, including the sales tax holiday for going back to school and the sales tax holiday to get ready for a hurricane. We know we have to be prepared for hurricanes. Hopefully, we won’t have it this year, but if you do, you know from May 31st to June 8th, you won’t have to pay sales tax,” said Scott.

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A couple of political experts are weighing on whether the Republican-led Legislature as well as the Governor moved more to the center this year with some of the bills that passed this Session.

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A bill that could raise the speed limits on certain Florida highways is now on its way to Governor Rick Scott, after it passed the House in a very close vote.

Rep. Matt Caldwell’s (R-Lehigh Acres) bill is not a partisan issue. In fact, whenever the bipartisan bill gets taken up by either chamber, Republicans and Democrats vote in favor and against the bill. And, Wednesday’s 58-56 vote in the House was no different, as members debated passionately on the issue.

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In just a few months, the Jacksonville woman who inspired the so-called “Warning Shot” bill is expected to have another trial. Several activist groups rallied at the Capitol Thursday, urging Governor Rick Scott to get rid of the lead State Attorney who’s seeking a 60-year prison term in the re-trial of Marissa Alexander.

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Now that Florida has its 19th Lieutenant Governor, many people want to know what his goals will be moving forward. But the position, which usually becomes whatever the Governor wants it to be, is now the subject of bipartisan legislation. And, it’s also a topic of discussion among members of the Hispanic Legislative Caucus, who wonder how the state’s first Hispanic Lieutenant Governor will work to help their agenda.

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Florida now has its 19th Lieutenant Governor. Carlos Lopez-Cantera, also the first Hispanic to hold the post, was sworn in during a private ceremony Monday morning surrounded by his family. Following the ceremony, Lopez-Cantera and Governor Rick Scott described themselves as excited to be working together.

“The governor has been doing a good job. I just look forward to being a part of the team and helping him in any way I can," said Lopez-Cantera.

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Former House Majority Leader Carlos Lopez-Cantera has been hailed as a person who can help get Governor Rick Scott’s 2014 legislative agenda off the ground as Scott’s new Second-in-Command. But, it’s the fact he’ll be Florida’s first Hispanic Lieutenant Governor that has all sides talking.

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Florida drivers could see their vehicle registration fees drop under a bill that passed a state Senate committee today. The proposed decrease is half the amount Gov. Rick Scott wants to cut as part of his election-year call to reduce taxes.

The bill would save the average car owner $12 every year, with additional savings for mobile home owners and others. It sailed through the Senate Transportation Appropriations Committee unanimously, and without debate.

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ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — A federal judge has struck down a Florida law requiring recipients of welfare benefits to undergo mandatory drug testing. It's the latest in an ongoing court battle between Governor Rick Scott and the American Civil Liberties Union over a bill Scott signed into law in 2011.

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As speculation mounts that no one wants to be Governor Rick Scott’s Lieutenant Governor, there may be one candidate on Scott’s so-called shortlist who could be leaning toward giving Scott a “yes.” 

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Florida Governor Rick Scott’s so-called shortlist for Lieutenant Governor is getting shorter. Over the last few days, two people have announced they’ve dropped their names from consideration. So, is that a sign that no one wants to be Scott’s second-in-command?

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The same poll that shows Charlie Crist leading Rick Scott in a hypothetical matchup in next year’s Florida governor’s race also shows Floridians overwhelmingly support marijuana use for medicinal purposes, but aren’t in favor of changing Florida’s Stand Your Ground law. Peter Brown is the Assistant Director of Quinnipiac University’s Polling Institute, which conducted the survey.

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A new poll shows Governor Rick Scott trailing Republican-turned-Democrat Charlie Crist with about a year to go before the 2014 gubernatorial election. The survey also shows there’s good news for Scott, despite Crist’s lead. But, though the poll doesn’t look good for another gubernatorial candidate in the race, she remains undeterred.

Governor Rick Scott-Charlie Crist Matchup

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For months, pundits have been game planning the Charlie Crist-Rick Scott matchup – in fact, even before it officially existed.  But  a slew of other candidates have been in the race since long before either of the big name candidates, struggling all the while to make their campaigns relevant.

Following U.S. House passage of a bill which would direct money to water conservation in Florida, a Congressman who pushed the legislation is calling on Governor Rick Scott to stop the political gamesmanship with regards to the state’s local waterways.

In recent weeks, there’ve been several calls for President Barack Obama to take a tour of Florida’s damaged waterways, and Scott has been particularly critical.

As the budget battle continues in Washington D.C., Democrats and Republicans are still at an impasse regarding the federal budget. But, a bipartisan group of Florida leaders came together Thursday on Capitol Hill to discuss an issue lawmakers from both parties can agree on: how to address the damage done to several Florida waterways due to water releases from Lake Okeechobee.

It’s no secret there’s been turmoil lately in Congress—and lawmakers know it’s weighing on the public.

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Members of the House Appropriations Committee Wednesday attempted to get answers about whether Governor Scott’s proposed half-billion dollar tax cut would benefit the state’s economy.  And a top economic analyst says a soon-to-be-released report may offer some clarity.

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Starting Labor Day, the WFSU News team will air a five-part series that tries to answer the question “How’s it working in Tallahassee?” Florida Gov. Rick  Scott made the phrase “It’s working” the cornerstone of his State of the State speech earlier this year and the basis for a series of e-mails in the months since, prompting the WFSU newsroom to look into some of the signs of success Scott points to and whether people in one city – Tallahassee – are also seeing progress in their community.

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Governor Rick Scott’s refusal to hold a special session reconsidering the state’s Stand Your Ground law is not dissuading a group of Florida Democratic lawmakers. In a procedural move, they’ve bypassed Scott and the Republican leaders of the House and Senate to initiate a poll among their colleagues.

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Governor Rick Scott and rest of the Florida Cabinet have given a group of researchers’ permission to dig up the bodies buried on the grounds of the infamous Dozier School for Boys in Marianna. Supporters, who say that will unearth the truth about the school, are hailing the decision as a historic one.

"Alright, is there a motion to approve," asked Scott. [So moved. ] Is there a second? [yes] Any comments or objections? Seeing none, the motion carries," stated the Governor.

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The only former state officeholder currently seeking the 2014 Democratic gubernatorial nomination took a back seat during remarks made in Tallahassee Thursday to a man not even in the race.   The well-known Orlando lawyer who employs Charlie Crist sure made it sound like his friend will enter the race.

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Florida Governor Rick Scott is criticizing Reverend Jesse Jackson over remarks he made while joining a Capitol protest Tuesday. Jackson made his remarks while calling for a repeal of the state’s Stand Your Ground law.

Jackson says he believes Governor Rick Scott will change his views on Florida’s Stand Your Ground law just as former Alabama Governor George Wallace changed his mind about segregation following the many civil rights protests in Alabama in the 1960s.