Governor Rick Scot

Governor Rick Scott.
The Florida Channel

Governor Rick Scott is defending his decision to remove State Attorney Aramis Ayala from death penalty cases. Attorneys for Scott argue the Florida Supreme Court should dismiss Ayala’s claims that the governor unlawfully moved the cases to another prosecutor.

Florida is asking the federal government to cap its funding to the state’s Medicaid program. Florida Gov. Rick Scott and Republican lawmakers say that will mean more flexibility to provide quality healthcare at an affordable cost. But critics point to welfare reform and say fewer people will get health care.

Florida Governor Rick Scott and President Donald Trump are political allies. But Scott is refusing to say what his position is on the president’s travel ban.

Rasmus Bøgeskov Larsen via Flickr

Everglades Foundation vice-president Thomas Van Lant’s testimony before a Florida Senate committee on Everglades restoration has been pushed back. But the Everglades Foundation CEO said he and Van Lant will keep pushing their plan for the park’s restoration.

Satanists For Scott: Real Or Fake?

Jan 25, 2013
T. Gustafson / WFSU/ Florida Public Radio

A handful of Satanists gathered on the steps of Florida’s Historic Capitol building Friday afternoon in support of Governor Rick Scott and religious freedom. But the group, called The Satanic Temple, came with its own media team and rumors of being a hoax.

­The Satanic Temple’s Overlord, High Priest, and four minions walked up the front steps of Florida’s Historic Capitol to Heavy Metal Music. One of the Minions, High schooler Cassandra Wagner, says most people have mistaken notions about her religion.