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Governor Rick Scott has approved a bill aimed at expanding 5-G wireless technology. But the measure also reduces local control. It takes away the ability of local governments to decide where the infrastructure for the technology should go, and how much to charge.

City of Tallahassee

Tallahassee City Commissioners are considering employee pay raises and employee cost increases as part of their spending plan for the upcoming budget year.

Alert Today Florida youtube channel

A statewide initiative launched in select Florida counties is now underway in Leon County. The Alert Tonight Florida campaign focuses on improving pedestrian and bicyclist safety.

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Tallahassee City Commissioners have voted 3-to-2 to reduce property taxes. Commissioner Gil Ziffer led the push for the change during the last few minutes of a city budget workshop Wednesday.

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Providing training tools for first responders and continuing efforts to create a dementia-friendly community are among the topics discussed at the first meeting of a local council.

Commissioner Ziffer
City of Tallahassee

One city commissioner wants to reevaluate Tallahassee bar hours following the shooting in Orlando.

Citizens for Ethics Reform Website

 This sounds like the start of a joke, but it's not: a conservative, a progressive and an independent walk into Tallahassee City Hall. They're probably members of the Citizens for Ethics Reform, which helped implement the city ethics board in 2014.

District Superintendent Jackie Pons and City Commissioner Gil Ziffer meet to discuss a proposed community school.
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Rickards High School is expanding its services to include a medical center and food pantry, and more programs could be on the way.  A committee led by city Commissioner Gil Ziffer met Wednesday with Leon School Superintendent Jackie Pons.

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A meeting on a proposed community school in Southern Tallahassee was abruptly canceled Thursday. It's the latest in the fight between school superintendent Jackie Pons and City commissioner Gil Ziffer over the plan.

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Florida has the second highest incidence of Alzheimer’s disease in the nation. A new initiative aims to make more communities across the state dementia-friendly. And, the first area chosen to pilot that effort is the state’s Capital City region.

City Commissioner Gil Ziffer
The Village Square

Tallahassee Commissioner Gil Ziffer’s push for a community school ratcheted up a notch Thursday. Ziffer is accusing the Leon County School District, and Superintendent Jackie Pons, of not showing enough support for his community school idea.

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City commissioners are tabling a vote on a sound ordinance once again. Commissioners had postponed a previous vote in hopes neighborhoods and businesses could work out an agreement for how and where an ordinance should be enforced. But after a lack of consensus Wednesday, Commissioner Gil Ziffer says it’s time for the city to tackle the issue.

Commissioner Ziffer
City of Tallahassee

The Tallahassee City Commission meets this afternoon to discuss a nearly $18 million budget surplus, and how to spend it. The money has emerged after the commission approved a 13 percent increase in the city’s portion of property taxes earlier this year.

The renovated Douglas House as it is now.
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Part of Tallahassee’s  effort to fight what government leaders are calling “shocking” crime statistics includes hiring more police officers. But to do that, the city commission is proposing higher property taxes.

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Fireworks erupted in the Tallahassee commission chambers Wednesday as commissioners considered a request to help fund the city’s New Year’s Eve Fireworks display.  

Commissioner Nancy Miller says, the city has already committed about $21-thousand for the New Year’s Eve event.

“The utilities customer services has already obligated $2,500. The police and in kind services including waste pick up and so on is totaling over $10,500 and in addition to that they’re getting $8,000 from the CRA,” Miller says.

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Tallahassee lost a giant piece of public art Monday.  The woman responsible for finding a five-year home for the blue metal sculpture called Quark said an emotional goodbye as it departed for Orlando.

First thing on this chilly Monday morning, Isaac Duncan was laying down wooden planks on the grass in Doug Burnett Park in downtown Tallahassee.

"What I’m doing is I’m setting up these six-by-sixes on the ground so when we can take each element down, we lay it right on there," he said.

Food Trucks For Lunch? What A Capital Idea!

Mar 29, 2013
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A long day of lawmaking can really work up an appetite and during the legislative session there’s little time and a limited choice for a good meal. But, food trucks are rolling in to the rescue.

The Johns Lot, named after a former Florida Governor, has been largely unoccupied since the Occupy Tallahassee protesters were evicted last year. Now the city is allowing food trucks to use the lot temporarily. Food Truck Association President Rebecca Kelly said the idea was a collaborative effort.

Teen Center To Debut Teen-Made Movie This Month

Aug 7, 2012
Actor in jail cell
Jim Stanek

Two years ago, the city of Tallahassee and Leon County partnered to convert an old community center into the Palmer Munroe Teen Center. Today, the center is helping some teens become filmmakers and musicians. And, it’s helping others make better choices as they plan a life after high school.

A teenage boy is being held in a cell at the Leon County Jail, and he’s overcome with emotion. More than 20,000 young people are admitted to detention centers every year in Florida as they await court appearances or serve sentences. But this time, the scene is just pretend.