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Some Florida lawmakers and advocates are pushing for a bill classifying the abuse of a parent as a form of domestic abuse. The measure stems from a woman who lost her life years ago.

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A Florida lawmaker has filed a measure banning the display of the Confederate flag on local or state government-owned property.

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Members of the democratic caucus met Thursday in two back-to-back conferences, one on pensions and the other on environmental policy.

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Ever wonder who was wearing those panties or bikini bottoms before you pulled them off the rack? Senator Geraldine Thompson, a Democrat from Orlando, thinks you should. She’s sponsoring a bill that encourages wearing a layer of protection before you try them on.

“With Ebola being transmitted through perspiration and bodily fluids and coming into contact with those kinds of fluid, I think it is something that needs to happen.”

Bill Would Create Black Cultural Commission

Apr 1, 2014
A display honoring the World War II contributions of the Tuskegee Airmen.
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Though it doesn’t actually break down this way, the state estimates tourism generates a $67 billion impact on Florida’s economy each year -- the equivalent of $1 billion per county. Numbers from the U.S. Travel Association suggest only California brings in more tourism revenue.

But in a state with a segregated history such as Florida, there are color lines, even in tourism – and that might not be a bad thing in this post-segregation era. In fact, Sen. Geraldine Thompson (D-Orlando) thinks it’s an untapped resource.

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Federal law bans discrimination based on pregnancy, but Florida law is less clear.  But the state Senate appears set to grant civil rights protection to pregnant Floridians.

Three Florida district court cases have wrangled with pregnancy discrimination.  In two, the courts found Florida law provides protection.  But in the most recent case, the court said pregnancy is not protected because it is not explicitly referenced in state statute.  Senator Geraldine Thompson (D-Orlando) says her bill puts the matter to rest by adding pregnancy to the list of protections.

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A bill seeking to compensate a man wrongfully convicted for killing his kids passed its first Senate hearing Tuesday.

Last year, Orlando Democratic Senator Geraldine Thompson filed a claims bill on behalf of James Joseph Richardson, who was wrongfully convicted in 1968 for allegedly poisoning his seven children.

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Bills banning pregnancy discrimination and establishing credit scores for minors sailed through one Florida Senate committee Tuesday. The same committee also passed a measure paving the way for dentists to provide additional services to low-income people without risk of lawsuits.

Sen. Geraldine Thompson's (D-Orlando) bill prohibiting employment discrimination against pregnant women won unanimous approval Tuesday from the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Chairman Tom Lee says the measure is needed because a pregnancy case is pending before the Florida Supreme Court.

Democratic Women Push For Pregnancy Protection Bill

Nov 7, 2013
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A group of female lawmakers is filing bills in the Florida Legislature strengthening legal protections for pregnant women.

Stephanie Mulherin was working at a Tallahassee restaurant when found out she was pregnant with her second child. But she says almost as soon as she told her boss, her hours began to shrink and her boss began remarking about her pregnancy.