gender inequality

Sarah Mueller

Women turned out en masse this past weekend to protest newly elected President Donald Trump. Some women say it’s the start of a third wave of feminism. But old divisions that have separated women for generations threaten to impede progress again.

Women have gained more financial power in recent years. But they’re still paid less than men and as technology makes it easier to comparison shop, women in Florida and across the country are realizing they’re paying more at the checkout counter. It’s known as the “pink tax.” /

FAMU President Elmira Mangum is celebrating Women’s History Month with some 150 Tallahassee women.

More than half of Leon County residents are women. But, a women’s status report that the county commissioned suggests, they are doing worse than men in a number of areas.

The report comes after 18 months of research. It shows women are doing worse than men in areas like access to healthcare, leadership and employment.

Haley Cutler, with the Oasis Center for Women and Girls, said one of the most surprising findings is that 58 percent of single mothers are living in poverty.