Florida Lottery officials say they’re getting ready to roll out hundreds of new full service lottery vending machines that will offer not just scratch off tickets, but other games like PowerBall. The idea is that they’ll help increase sales and raise more money for education. But Regan McCarthy reports there are a few groups asking questions—like how much of that money will make it into the state’s classrooms.

Searching for a lottery ticket? Floridians will soon have more options, thanks to a measure signed Friday by Governor Rick Scott. Regan McCarthy reports the bill lets stores install vending machines that sell all kinds of lottery tickets including Powerball tickets, and others that were previously for sale only behind the counter.

The House sponsor of a bill to bring three major casinos to South Florida folded his hand Friday. James Call reports the Business and Consumer Affairs Subcommittee voted to table the proposal which would have introduced high-stakes Vegas-style casinos to the state.


The Florida casino gambling debate rages on, not just at the State Capitol, but also on the luncheon speaker circuit.  Tom Flanigan reports hundreds of Capitol Tiger Bay Club members were treated to a casino pro-and-con showdown Tuesday.

Lawmakers are considering a bill that would outlaw gambling in so called “Internet Cafes.” The businesses have been popping up in strip malls, across from Laundromats and next to grocery stores.  But Regan McCarthy reports  they’re not really a place to get coffee. They’re actually a business with a certain kind of gambling that some legislators say sneaks through a loophole in the state’s laws.

There appears to be no safe bet in the Florida Legislature about the fate of a destination casino bill. James Call reports the proposal cleared its first Senate committee after lawmakers made significant changes.

Fort Lauderdale Senator Ellyn Bogdanoff destination casino bill is the definition of a work in progress. Here she is explaining tax rates after a Regulated Industries Committee meeting, where the casino bill was rewritten.


The Senate sponsor of a bill that would allow three destination casinos to open in Florida has rewritten the proposal. James Call reports, Fort Lauderdale Senator Ellyn Bogdanoff says she’s trying to build support among lawmakers to bring Las Vegas-style gambling to the Sunshine State.