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Supporters of the state’s corporate tax scholarship program will gather at the Capitol. They’ve pushed the state teachers union to drop its lawsuit against the program that gives scholarships to low income kids to attend private school. Florida has become one of the nation’s hot spots for school choice programs. While many ideas may have originated in other states, Florida has adopted them and created a massive alternative system.

Foundation for Florida's Future

The Florida legislature is poised to make sweeping changes to the state’s standardized testing system and to the way teachers are evaluated. The Foundation which backed the system currently in place, says it’s pleased to see lawmakers giving the system a second look.

A teachers union isn’t backing down from its legal challenges to the state’s largest school choice program.The Florida Education Association has re-filed a lawsuit questioning how lawmakers expanded the so-called school voucher system, and continues moving forward with another lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the overall program.

The controversial “parent trigger” or "parent empowerment" bill, has cleared its final committee stop in the Senate with a major change. Opponents say an amendment tacked onto the bill Thursday makes the proposal much better, and  it also may have watered down the bill.

The state's largest teacher's union does not like what it's seeing.

 “Why are we flying in an executive director of Parent Revolution from California to talk about Florida schools and parents in Florida and what they need?" said the Florida Education Association's Jeff Wright. "How in the hell does he know what parents in this state need?”

Florida Senate

Update 5:18 pm:   The so-called parent trigger bill is back again after a narrow defeat in the Florida Senate last year, when several Republicans joined with Democrats to vote against the measure, resulting in a tie.

Governor Rick Scott has signed a budget that steers a billion more dollars into the state’s education system. Lynn Hatter reports the extra money for public schools marks a shift in policy for the governor after last year’s deep education spending cuts.  

State lawmakers steered an extra billion dollars to education this year, with money going to specific areas like merit pay for teachers and reading programs for low-performing students. Jaryn Emhof is the spokeswoman for the education reform group, the Foundation for Florida’s future.

The Florida Department of Education is following up on its controversial ranking of school districts, by ranking individual schools. Lynn Hatter reports the results have charter schools and specialty schools taking up a large chunk of the top 10 list of public schools.

A proposal to give parents a say in what to do with chronically failing schools has cleared its first stops in the House and Senate Tuesday. The bills are part of a nationwide movement to get parents more involved in public school systems. But as Lynn Hatter reports, the measures are being met with both support and opposition from the same parent groups they are trying to bring together.