food deserts

Tom Flanigan

Fifty American cities, including Tallahassee, are now competing in the "Healthiest Cities Challenge". Part of the community's winning strategy is to literally grow the number of neighborhood and backyard gardens.

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WFSU news is taking a look at hunger in the Big Bend this week. In the final installment of our series we’ll take a look at the impact food deserts have on a person’s ability access fresh fruits and vegetables and the potential impact of new legislation lawmakers hope will help.

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Florida lawmakers are again working on plans to bring fresh foods to neighborhoods where healthy fare is hard to come by.  One of those proposals will get its first hearing in the state senate Monday.

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Clearing up food deserts has been a perennial issue for some in the Florida Democratic caucus.  Now two GOP lawmakers are throwing their weight behind the problem. 

Matthew Seeger

Awesome Tallahassee, a contest allowing innovators to pitch ideas to improve the capitol community, has crowned this month’s winner.

Florida Department of Agriculture

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam has announced the launch of a new online mapping tool to help officials and non-profit groups better assess food needs statewide.

According to the Florida Department of Agriculture, one in six Floridians is considered food insecure. That includes one out of four kids. Calling it a “solvable issue,” Putnam says it’s not because Florida’s food supply is lacking.