Florida Wildlife Federation

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The Florida Wildlife Federation is pushing for stiffer poaching penalties after a shark dragging video went viral.

Florida Wildlife Corridor

Former U.S. Sen. and Florida Gov. Bob Graham says the Legislature’s decision not to fund Florida Forever is a blatant violation of Amendment 1, the 2014 conservation amendment.

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The Florida Wildlife Federation is opposing a solar initiative known as Amendment 1.  The group worries the measure would discourage renewable energy.

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Florida wildlife officials are looking to create more sanctuaries across the state to protect vulnerable wildlife from everyday human disturbances during the most critical time in their lives.

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Following a successful breeding program in the 1990s, Florida panther populations are recovering from historic lows. But with more cats, come more complications.

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Supporters of Florida’s proposed land-conservation amendment have gotten a fundraising boost from two matching grant programs. The Yes on 1 campaign, known as Florida's Land and Water Legacy, took in nearly $1.2 million in one week.

During the week ending Oct. 7, more than 800 people donated to Florida’s Water and Land Legacy. The nonprofit Florida Wildlife Federation offered 50 cents for every dollar donated, and an individual donor gave $1  for each dollar. Campaign manager Will Abberger says the support came at a just the right time.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

A federal appeals court Tuesday ruled against environmental groups trying to stop the U.S. Navy from building an underwater training range off the coast of Jacksonville. The planned range is next to the only known birthplace of an endangered whale species.

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A proposed Florida constitutional amendment setting aside money for land conservation pits environmental groups against small-government advocates. The state’s public-land purchasing budget has been slashed in recent years, with some lawmakers arguing that mandating an amount that must be spent on conservation makes no fiscal sense.