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A bill increasing the penalties against someone who assaults Florida doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers passed its first House panel Tuesday.

Thirty five thousand nurses are injured every year lifting patients, and a Democratic lawmaker wants to do something about it.

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The federal Health Resources and Services Administration says at least 55 million people around the country live in areas that lack an adequate supply of primary care doctors. Now, some Florida lawmakers are looking to remedy that by expanding what Nurse Practitioners are allowed to do.

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The nation’s healthcare system is changing. In the next few years, under the federal healthcare law, the Affordable Care Act, more people will gain access to health insurance. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they will gain access to healthcare. And that’s what’s driving many of fights between different healthcare professionals over the kinds of services they can offer.

The Florida Department of Corrections is preparing to file an appeal, after a Judge ruled privatizing most of the health care services in Florida’s prisons, illegal. The department says the state would face a massive budget deficit, if it complies with the decision. But, some say the department should stop fighting the ruling because of the thousands of prison health care workers unsure about their jobs.

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The Florida Department of Corrections has announced it is appealing the Judge's ruling. Below is a statement from the department's Deputy Secretary Mike Crews:

An effort by the state to privatize Florida’s inmate health care services could still be on hold, even after a Leon Circuit Judge recently rejected a motion to reconsider a case that could have blocked the effort.

In early July, Leon Circuit Judge Kevin Carroll had previously dismissed the case because the budget provision that let the state privatize inmate health care services had already expired.

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A part of the state budget that would have privatized health care services in Florida’s prisons has expired, but the Department of Corrections is moving forward with the plan saying they have the authority to do so even without the expired provision. It was challenged in the courts before, but, two unions are calling on a trial judge to weigh in again, before thousands of state employees are out of a job.

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Two unions, upset the state is moving ahead with plans to privatize prison health services, are asking a judge to rule on a case he previously dismissed. They say if the judge does not issue a decision soon, they fear 2,800 state employees will be out of a job.

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A Leon Circuit Judge is expected to rule soon on a challenge by several unions to block a plan to privatize the state’s prison health care services, which could leave thousands of state employees out of a job.  The judge heard oral arguments in Tallahassee Tuesday.