Florida KidCare

More than two million Florida children are now enrolled in the state’s health insurance program for low income kids. Regan McCarthy reports the organization hit a record number of participants in March.

Florida Healthy Kids Executive Director Rich Robleto says the increased number of kids getting enrolled in the state’s Kidcare program is a good thing.

Florida counties will have to pay more than $300 million dollars in disputed Medicaid claims under a bill signed Thursday by Governor Rick Scott. Lynn Hatter has more.

The counties claim the state’s Medicaid billing system is filled with errors and that they’re being charged for claims they don’t actually owe. The law requires the counties to pay 85-percent of their bills, or 100-percent of the bill with the right to sue. Republican State Representative Matt Hudson says the new law also sets up what he calls “a payment plan.”

Florida’s state employees may not have received a raise in years, but the lowest-paid state workers could be in line for a new benefit.  Tom Flanigan reports a Senate committee has voted to allow those employees to enroll their children in Florida’s low-income healthcare service.

For years, children in Florida’s low-income families have had an option for low-cost medical coverage called “Kidcare”.  But members of the Senate’s Health and Human Services Budget Subcommittee learned Thursday that one group of low-paid Floridians doesn’t have that option available to them.