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A South Florida lawmaker wants patients to be able to donate their healthcare data in the same way they donate their organs. Republican Senator Jeff Brandes of St Petersburg is passionate about innovation, and champions self-driving cars and drone technology. Now he’s turning his sights on electronic health records.


An effort to expand direct primary care sailed through its first committee meeting Tuesday in the Florida statehouse. The healthcare model allows patients to pay doctors monthly fees in exchange for basic services. Proponents say the system cuts out insurers, and lowers costs and wait times. David McKalip represents the Florida Chapter of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.

(L-R) Sen. Brandes (R-St. Petersburg), Rep. Chris Sprowls (R-Palm Harbor) and Jose Gonzalez of AIF.
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State lawmakers and healthcare industry leaders are taking stock in the wake of this year’s legislative session.  The Associated Industries of Florida just wrapped up a healthcare affordability summit.

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Florida lawmakers are seeking a new healthcare option. A direct model could change the way doctors treat their patients.

Senate President Andy Gardiner during a press conference pushing the Senate's "FHIX" proposal--a privatized version of Medicaid expansion.
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While the federal government has prolonged talks of expanding Florida’s Medicaid program, statewide business leaders head to the Capitol in support of the Senate’s proposed solution.

Here's the pile of scrap lumber before it goes through Marpan's wood chipper.
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Florida’s healthcare concerns are on the rise as discussions about Medicaid expansion slow to a crawl in the legislature. Now, members of the public are working to make their voices heard. Local business owner Kim Williams is one of the voices representing Florida’s small business owners.

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Update 4/2/2015: The federal government has delayed talks on an extension of a $2 billion healthcare program. Low-Income Pool funding, along with a plan to expand Medicaid--are key features in the Senate's 2015-2016 spending proposal and lawmakers say the move may delay negotiations between the House and Senate. Read more here.

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Florida’s League of Women Voters swarmed the Capitol on Wednesday to back the senate’s new healthcare expansion plan. Tuesday, the senate’s Health Policy Committee unanimously passed a bill that extends health insurance to more than 800,000 low income Floridians.