Florida Governor Rick Scott

The 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland.
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After a bruising primary, the GOP has officially settled on Donald Trump to lead the party into November.  Elected officials from Florida—likely one of the most important swing states come Election Day—were out in force to support the Republican candidate.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott
State of Florida, Meredyth Hope Hall

Florida Republicans—both early Donald Trump supporters and late—are making their presence felt at the Republican National Convention.

Planned Parenthood

Florida’s Planned Parenthood clinics are suing the state over a law that cuts funding for non-abortion services.

FL Gov. Rick Scott
The Florida Channel

Florida Governor Rick Scott is getting more popular, according to a survey of the popularity of U.S. governors. Scott has gone from one of the most disliked leaders in the U.S. to about the middle of the pack.

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Pundits are floating Florida Democratic Senator Bill Nelson as a possible vice presidential nominee. But Nelson is quiet on the subject.

Florida Governor's Office

Florida Governor Rick Scott is honoring six local police officers for their actions during a shooting at Strozier library in 2014.  Tuesday he awarded them the governor’s medal of heroism.

Florida Channel

Florida’s insurance commissioner is on his way out the door, but the Cabinet has again faltered in its efforts to name a successor.  They’re holding a follow-up meeting Friday.

People seeking help for mental disorders or substance abuse now have more options. 

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Governor Rick Scott’s second veto of the year denies money for private dental care in rural communities. 

Enterprise Florida

Enterprise Florida is reorganizing after the Legislature rejected Governor Rick Scott’s funding request for a “Quick Action Closing Fund,” the state’s incentive program for recruiting companies to Florida. 

Governor Rick Scott in his office in front of a Florida flag
Office of Gov. Rick Scott

Enterprise Florida, is facing a major reorganization. That’s after the legislature denied a request from Gov. Rick Scott to give the agency $250 million for economic incentives.

Florida Lobby

Calling in a false threat, such as a bomb scare, is now a second degree felony. 

State of Florida, Meredyth Hope Hall

Florida Governor Rick Scott is backing Republican front runner Donald Trump’s bid to be the party’s presidential candidate.

Senate Lawmakers Slash Gov. Scott's Tax Cut Plan

Mar 3, 2016
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Florida lawmakers dealt another blow to Governor Rick Scott’s budget priorities Thursday, when the Senate Appropriations Committee pushed through a scaled back tax cut package.

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In an effort to promote a proposed gaming agreement between Florida and the Seminole Indian Tribe, Gov. Rick Scott and representatives from the tribe met Monday. The group discussed the benefits of the compact, which include more money and more jobs, as well as a chance to retain the jobs the Seminole casinos currently provide.

Governor Rick Scott.
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Florida Governor Rick Scott made his billion dollar tax cut pitch before a senate tax panel Monday.   Lawmakers also took up a handful of other tax proposals in the Finance and Tax Committee.

Governor Rick Scott
The Florida Channel

It wouldn’t be politics without a little bickering, so it’s probably a good thing Florida Governor Rick Scott addressed Enterprise Florida’s Board Thursday.  While the Legislature is coming to terms over the state’s congressional map, Scott is complaining about lack of funding for the economic development agency.

A wild Turkey - representing a budget turkey
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On Tuesday Governor Rick Scott used the power of a pen to approve the 2015-2016 state budget of $78.2 billion, just as he used that same power to veto more than $461 million in special projects. Some lawmakers are upset over the amount of vetoed bills.

State of Florida, Meredyth Hope Hall

Florida Gov. Rick Scott has invited the Republican Party’s presidential hopefuls to discuss one of his favorite topics—jobs.  The governor’s economic summit kicked off Tuesday in Orlando.

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With Florida Governor Rick Scott’s ratification of SB 228, Florida joins 21 other states that allow online voter registration.

Matthew Seeger

Representative Richard Corcoran may be putting his foot in his mouth after calling proponents of Medicaid expansion “Gucci-loafing, shoe-wearing special interests.” Medical professionals from South Florida marched heel-toe to the capitol, and as Matthew Seeger reports, they’re not going to buckle to legislative tongue-lashing.

Scott headshot
Governor Scott's Office

Florida Gov. Rick Scott doesn’t win many popularity polls, but he still wins on Election Day. A recent Quinnipiac University poll shows Floridians still don’t like their governor.

Pollsters from Quinnipiac University asked Floridians how they felt about their state’s top executive. The result is a resounding thumbs down for Republican Gov.  Scott. But Assistant Director of Quinnipiac Peter Brown says Scott shows he can win when he needs to.

Florida House

The Florida House of Representatives has released its own tax cut plan on the same day that Governor Rick Scott came to demonstrate his own ideas in the same building. The move sets up a clash in the legislature over which taxes should go.

Senate Minority Leader Arthenia Joyner
The Florida Channel

Members of the democratic caucus met Thursday in two back-to-back conferences, one on pensions and the other on environmental policy.

  A transparency advocate is calling for an investigation into the forced resignation of the former head of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Florida’s First Amendment Foundation President Barbara Peterson is asking the attorney general to investigate her own cabinet. 

Barbara Petersen insists the state owes citizens answers about allegations of Sunshine Law violations. In a letter to Pam Bondi, Petersen called for a quote “independent state attorney from outside Leon County” to investigate the ouster of former FDLE Commissioner Gerald Bailey.