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Florida is helping several states deal with their natural disasters, including Hurricane Harvey.

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40 more wildland firefighters from Florida are now heading to the western part of the U.S. to help deal with one of the worst wildlife seasons in American history. That’s on top of the 41 sent last month.

Florida Forest Service

Officials with the Florida Forest Service say recent rains are not enough to tamp down the hundreds of wildfires raging across the state. Parts of the state are still in a drought.

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With increasingly dry conditions, the Florida Forest Service wants the public to aware of wildfire danger.

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A bill seeking a three percent pay raise for state employees unanimously passed its first Senate panel Monday. And, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are mulling over the issue as well.

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The Florida Forest Service is sending wildland firefighters to help battle wildfires in Texas.

Florida Forest Service

The Florida Forest Service has treated more than 246,000 acres with prescribed burns since last August. That surpasses the national record.

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Forty forestry firefighters are in California right now battling wildfires. Additional Florida firefighters are also helping to fight wildfires in other states along the west coast, and more are on the way.

There’s a lot of disappointment going around due to Governor Rick Scott’s long list of vetoes. It includes more than a million dollars in pay raises for Florida forestry firefighters.

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The state’s Agriculture Commissioner says he’s disappointed Governor Rick Scott vetoed Pay raises for forestry firefighters—a top priorities of the Florida Department of Agriculture.

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State agriculture officials are hoping to assist North and Central Florida landowners in preventing timber loss through a program meant to reduce the risk of a devastating forest insect.

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Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam is weighing in on what he’d like to see in the budget when the Legislature comes back to Tallahassee for a special session on the spending plan.

The Apalachicola National Forest is on fire. But its routine maintenance. A 541-acre parcel near St. Marks Trial is the spot for a prescribed burning.

The process helps to control catastrophic wildfires and reduce the fuel load. U.S. Forest Services firefighter Aaron Edwards, says without prescribed fires, homes close to the forest area will be threatened.

"Our ecosystem is very fire dependent," Edwards says. "So if it doesn’t have fire in it, it won’t be able to replenish itself.

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The latest Disney-Pixar movie, "Planes: Fire and Rescue," is scheduled for a nationwide release this Friday, and Disney is partnering with the Florida Forest Service as part of that release.

Before the movie starts, Florida moviegoers will see a 30-second educational video about Florida’s Wildland Firefighters and their effort to combat wildfires.

Know Your Home's Wildfire Risk With New Online Tool

Jun 17, 2014
Florida Forest Service

Florida Forest Service officials say there’s slightly below average risk of forest fire for the rest of the year. Director Jim Karels told the Florida Cabinet Tuesday this year’s Pacific Ocean El Niño condition is expected to cause a wet summer followed by a low-risk winter.

But Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam says a positive outlook doesn’t always pan out.

“The same would have been true at a wildfire update in late 1997, early 1998, just 90 days before the conflagration," he says. 

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Florida’s public land management officials are expected to vote Friday morning on whether to approve a proposal that could lead to the expansion of military training exercises in state forests. But, some wonder what that could mean for the wildlife and recreational activities.

Florida Forest Service

More firefighters are leaving Florida to help fight wildfires in other states. The Florida Forest Service sent 30 firefighters and staff to California and Oregon earlier this week and 40 more will leave the state Saturday. Florida Department of Agriculture Spokeswoman Erin Gillespie says it’s not unusual to send that many firefighters to other states.


This week is arson prevention week in Florida and Regan McCarthy reports Tallahassee firefighters are focusing on reducing the number of fires started by children.

Nationwide more than half of arson fires are started by kids. And Tallahassee Fire Chief Cindy Dick says the majority of those fires are started by children under the age of 10. But she says in her experience, they’re usually accidental.

“I don’t believe there’s a great amount of malicious arson intent in those fires. I think they result from a lack of education and fire safety.”