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The Panhandle town of Havana recently won a Florida Main Street designation from the Department of State. Now the community is re-envisioning the future of its downtown.

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A Tallahassee museum is getting recognition from architecture enthusiasts. The Call-Collins House at the Grove received the 2017 People’s Choice Award from the American Institute of Architects Florida chapter.

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There’s only one meeting left, before final recommendations are made on a memorial for the unclaimed remains of boys who died at the Dozier School for Boys in the Florida Panhandle. So far, there’ve been a lot of disagreements among Dozier Task force members. But, during their first meeting, there was at least one memorial all sides did agree on.

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Some former wards of the now closed Dozier School for Boys say they want the White House building on the grounds destroyed. That’s the building where they say a lot of abuse occurred.

While a special session reviewing Florida’s Stand Your Ground law isn’t likely, one lawmaker hopes to start a discussion about the controversial law with a bill of his own. Tallahassee Democratic Representative Alan Williams has filed legislation to repeal the law.

It’s Williams’ second consecutive year filing the legislation, and he says his goal hasn’t changed.

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2013 is the 500th anniversary of the arrival of Juan Ponce de Leon in what would become the Sunshine State. But, some of the descendants of those who were already in Florida when he arrived, don’t think that event is worthy of much celebration.

During the 2011 legislative session Florida lawmakers decreased the number of early voting days from 14 to 8.  Even before Election Day, critics filed a lawsuit against the state calling that decrease “discriminatory”, and even though some have said the case should be delayed, a federal judge says the case will continue.

Between long lines at several Florida polling locations, delayed ballot counts, and late results, Florida has been called “embarrassing” and has become the butt of many election jokes. The Governor and state election officials are now looking into what could be done to improve the state’s elections process, but some say that’s not enough.

Talks over Florida’s election process have started between the state’s top election official and county supervisors. And, both sides say there’s still more work to do.

The Governor recently tasked Florida Department of State head Ken Detzner to meet with county elections supervisors. And, Ron Labasky with the Florida State Association of Supervisors says their discussion so far has been open and cordial.

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Despite recording breaking turnout all across the state, there’ve also been several complaints about long lines and wait times of up to three hours at some Florida poll sites. So, Governor Rick Scott was asked to extend early voting hours. But, the Governor’s recent refusal to do so has some saying it’s pure “voter disenfranchisement.”

After looking at the long line forming at the Leon County Courthouse, Florida State University students

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With the deadline fast approaching for Floridians to get registered to vote, a new campaign kicked off Tuesday to get people signed up and make sure that when they vote, they’re educated about the issues on the ballot. It’s a non-partisan effort that brings together two groups that were, just months ago, battling in federal court over Florida’s election law.

Florida election officials finally have access to a federal immigration database it plans to use to screen voters. The Department of State announced on Thursday plans to re-start efforts to purge Florida’s voter rolls of ineligible voters.

Feds Approve Florida's Access to Citizens List

Jul 14, 2012

After a year-long dispute with the federal government, the state of Florida has won access to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security citizenship database. This allows the state to move forward with plans to purge potential non-citizens from voter rolls.

State officials are planning a year-long celebration to commemorate important parts of Florida’s history, like the arrival of the state’s first Spanish explorer 500 years ago. And, the state is getting ready to expand the celebration internationally.