Florida Department of Management Services

The Center of Tallahassee is advertising leasing space on its website.
Center of Tallahassee

The Centre of Tallahassee is transitioning from a mall to a business complex. The building is starting to empty out to make room for new state offices. Several small stores are closing, have closed or are in the process of relocating.


Tallahassee’s Northwood Centre is facing a lawsuit over health hazards. The Department of Business and Professional Regulation reported ten pounds of bat guano in its office ceiling earlier this month.

Perspectives: Vocational Rehabilitation

Sep 20, 2012

It’s tough these days for anyone to find work. But people with disabilities have even more of a challenge. The Florida Division of Vocational Rehabilitation within the state’s Department of Education is dedicated to helping make preparing for and finding a job less challenging. We speak with Vocational Rehab Counselor Jennifer Wester, Vocational Rehab Client Robin Collins, Shirley Beuford, who is now Robin’s boss at the Florida Department of Management Services, and Vocational Rehab Communications Director Rachel Smith.