Florida Commission on Ethics

Florida’s Ethics Commission says former Tallahassee city manager Rick Fernandez misused his position to get a catering discount from a local restaurant and obtain football tickets from a lobbyist. 


The Florida Senate has received a report that concludes there is probable cause for some of the sexual harassment allegations against state Senator Jack Latvala (R-Clearwater). The Special Master’s report also opens the door to other investigations, including a possible criminal one.

Florida House of Representatives

Republican Representative Cary Pigman did not illegally pressure Okeechobee school administrators to discipline a veteran principal, the Ethics Commission has ruled.

Office of the Governor

Ethics complaints have been filed against Florida Gov. Rick Scott this week claiming he hasn’t disclosed campaign travel aboard his wife’s airplane. A young Central Florida man is asking the state to investigate the incumbent governor.

Florida Commission on Ethics

Months after the Florida Legislature passed stricter ethics regulations for state lawmakers and officials, the commission charged with administering those changes is recommending further reforms. But commissioners stop short of asking for the power to initiate their own investigations.

For several years, the Florida Commission on Ethics has requested the power to open its own ethics violation investigations. But Commissioner Matt Carlucci told the House Ethics and Elections Committee Wednesday that’s not necessary this year.

Ethics Charges Against Tallahassee Mayor Dropped

Jan 25, 2013

Tallahassee Mayor John Marks has been cleared of all charges that he violated state ethics law. The Florida Commission on Ethics voted 6-to-1 to dismiss his case.

The charges against Marks involved votes he took on city contracts involving companies that had retained him as an attorney. Tallahassee businessman Erwin Jackson filed the charges in 2011.

But the mayor’s attorney, Barry Richard, said, after hearing evidence, including the testimony of city commissioners, an administrative judge recommended the commission drop the complaint against Marks.

The Florida Commission on Ethics prosecuting advocate is saying that Tallahassee Mayor John Marks did violate ethics laws for taking part in several votes at City Commission meetings. Her recommended penalties include public reprimanding and monetary fines.

Diane Guillemette, a senior assistant attorney general who acts as a prosecutor for the state ethics commission, says Marks should have excused himself from voting on city matters that financially benefited companies that had retained him as an attorney. The City Commission votes happened from 2007 to 2010.

Sascha Cordner

An administrative law judge is deciding whether Tallahassee Mayor John Marks violated the state’s ethics laws in a series of complaints filed against him. Some have raised questions about a possible conflict of interest when Marks voted in favor of the city spending millions to contract with a company, that was represented by a law firm where Marks worked at the time of the vote.

Tallahassee Mayor John Marks has not yet decided whether he’ll fight charges that he broke the state’s ethics law. The Florida Commission on Ethics said there’s enough evidence to believe Marks violated the law by failing to recues himself from a vote involving a company that paid him as a board member. The commission will bring formal charges against Marks, but Marks lawyer, Barry Richard, says the infraction is relatively minor.

They’re not violations involving any allegations of corruption or dishonesty.”