Florida Catholic Conference

Putting juveniles in prison for life whether they committed a homicide or not is a question Florida lawmakers are looking into this session. And, there’s a bill that would limit their maximum sentence to no more than 50 years. But, opponents of that change say it’s unfair to cap it at 50 years when kids will most likely get out when they’re much older than that.

A Florida lawmaker is working to overturn an historic U.S. Supreme decision from 40 years ago called Roe v. Wade. It essentially establishes the right to have an abortion. But, some say now may not be the right time for the state to move forward with legislation that would essentially ban abortions.

“I didn’t do that intentionally. Had I finished the bill early last week, I would have filed it last week. It just happened to fall on the 40th anniversary, which I’m actually glad,” said Representative Charles Van Zant.

Voters in Florida rejected most of the proposed constitutional amendments on their ballots Election Day. Critics have even partly blamed the historically long ballot for the long lines at polling places. Out of 11, only three gained 60-percent of the votes needed to pass.

Sascha Cordner

With about 11 constitutional amendments on the November ballot, we’re continuing our series by exploring one of the most talked about amendments: Amendment 6. It essentially would prohibit the use of taxpayer dollars for abortions, except in certain cases, and there are several campaigns for both sides of the issue. While some say a vote “yes” would allow politicians to interfere with a women’s right to choose, others say a vote “no” would block future attempts to allow parents to have a say if their child wants an abortion.

David Alan Gore is scheduled to die by lethal injection Thursday. Gore is convicted for the murder of six women. But Regan McCarthy reports six Bishops from the Florida Catholic Conference are asking Florida Governor Rick Scott to stay the execution.

Mike McCarron, the executive director of the Florida Catholic Conference, says his organization believes in the sanctity of life and doesn’t think using the death penalty is the right choice for the people of the state.