Florida Blue Ribbon Task Force on Higher Education Reform

Florida House

House Speaker Will Weatherford is vowing to change Florida’s public higher education system. In a forum sponsored by the Orlando Sentinel Tuesday, the House Speaker says the state’s higher education system can’t continue on the same path its on now.

Weatherford promised changes in how Florida’s public universities do business. He spoke about the need to keep tuition rates low, but also pushed for letting some of the universities, such as the University of Florida and Florida State University, break free of the state’s tuition caps:

Governor Rick Scott, his higher education advisory panel, and the board that oversees Florida’s universities, could be heading to a clash over tuition rates.

Governor Scott’s "Blue Ribbon" Task Force on Higher Education  is proposing tying tuition rates to programs. Those deemed most important would be shielded from tuition hikes for a few years until unemployment drops. But the tuition issue could run into headwind from Governor Rick Scott, who says he wants to keep costs down.

Governor Rick Scott’s higher education panel is in its “brainstorming” phase. Recommendations for making the state’s colleges and universities more efficient are due to the Governor in the next few months.  At meeting in St. Petersburg Thursday, the group discussed the need for the state’s many higher education systems to be more organized and affordable.