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Amendment 12, if passed, will change the way the student member of Florida’s public university governing board is picked. The amendment is straightforward. The change would require creating a new council and shutting out the longtime student advocacy group, Florida Student Association. Its history is not. The issue revolves around the student member of Florida’s Board of Governors. It’s a 17 member board overseeing the state’s university system. One member is a university student.

Amendment Eight Debate: Religious Groups Versus ACLU

Oct 26, 2012

Amendment Eight on the Florida ballot is called the Religious Freedom Amendment. Its supporters are saying it’s needed to defend against what they see as an attack on religious organizations by the Florida court system. But opponents of the amendment are saying it would virtually require state tax money to directly support religious activities.

This week, the deadline passed for new Florida voter registrations ahead of the general election. With less than a month until election day, county elections supervisors are preparing for a high-interest election and a longer-than-usual ballot.

After preparing for the past 18 months, Leon County Supervisor of Elections Ion Sancho says Florida’s capital county is in full presidential-election mode. He says, in 2008, the county that includes Tallahassee had a record turnout of 86 percent, and that number could very well be surpassed this year.