Florida Assisted Living Association

Judge Rejects Gov. Scott's Emergency Generator Rules

Oct 27, 2017
MGN Online

Governor Scott is expected to appeal a Friday decision by an administrative judge, who tossed out emergency rules issued by Scott’s administration. The rules required nursing homes and assisted living facilities to have generators and enough power to cool buildings for 96 hours.

Florida Senate

South Florida's Assisted Living Facilities were the subject of a series of 2011 Miami Herald reports alleging lax oversight and abuse of residents in several South Florida facilities. Now, years later, Florida lawmakers are inching closer on bills cracking down on the industry.

A Leon County Circuit Judge denied motions by the state and two industry groups to dismiss a lawsuit filed by an ex-long term care ombudsman during a Wednesday hearing. As Sascha Cordner reports, the judge made that determination, despite arguments from the defendants’ lawyers that the basis for the former ombudsman’s lawsuit holds no merit.