Florida Agency for Health Care Administration

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A longstanding dispute over emergency medical care for undocumented immigrants is back in the courts. The First District Court of Appeal heard oral arguments Tuesday.

Calhoun-Liberty Hospital

Calhoun Liberty Hospital is asking the community for help paying off debt. 

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The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration has dropped charges against Planned Parenthood. 

Calhoun-Liberty Hospital

The Calhoun-Liberty Hospital is facing a fine of up to $45,000. The fine comes after a state healthcare agency found 10 deficiencies at the hospital following the death of a Blountstown woman in December. The facility is trying to correct those deficiencies to meet its deadline.

Florida’s Agency for Healthcare Administrations has cited the Calhoun-Liberty County Hospital with 10 deficiencies in an audit following the death of a Blountstown woman.

Planned Parenthood Florida

The fight between Florida’s Agency for Healthcare Administration and Planned Parenthood ramped up this week with a lawsuit.  The state says three planned parenthood Florida clinics admit to performed abortions outside the scope of their licenses, but the clinics insist they did nothing wrong.

Florida’s healthcare agency is doubling down on claims three Southwest Florida planned parenthood offices performed unlicensed abortions. The moves comes a day after lawyers for the Agency for Healthcare Administration seemed to back down from that assertion.

Attorney Julie Gallagher discusses Planned Parenthood of Central and Southwest Florida's case against the state.
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Planned Parenthood Florida is asking a judge to block the state from imposing any penalties on three abortion clinics in Southwest Florida. The group says the state is incorrect in its assertion the clinics performed abortions beyond their licenses.

Florida’s top healthcare official says her agency was right to cite state planned parenthood clinics for violating abortion rules. But Planned Parenthood Florida maintains it did nothing wrong.


As Governor Rick Scott sues the federal government for attempting to coerce Florida into expanding Medicaid, the Agency for Health Care Administration, or AHCA, is trying to find solutions for low-income Floridians with medical needs.

The federal Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services has given full approval for Florida to essentially privatize its Medicaid program.  Under the agreement, healthcare companies will have to spend a set amount of money directly on patient care.

Pamela DeCambra

The federal justice department claims Florida policies have led to disabled children being unnecessarily housed in nursing homes, away from their families. It’s the same claim brought in two ongoing  suits against the state, but Florida health care regulators maintain they’re not violating federal law.

Pamela DeCambra lives in Tallahassee and works for the state of Florida. She says, her 15-year-old daughter, Maria, was 2 when a neurologist diagnosed her with severe cerebral palsy.