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Complaints from Floridians hit with surprise bills after a ride in an ambulance have the state’s insurance consumer advocate looking for answers.  First responders are pointing at insurers.

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A group of military veterans are calling on Florida Senate leaders to hear a bill that would increase penalties for defacing any Veterans memorial across the state.

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Attorney General Pam Bondi, Governor Rick Scott, and law enforcement agencies around the state are working to crack down on Florida’s opioid epidemic. The effort includes hosting a series of workshops and advocating for legislative fixes.

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Developments in video technology are rapidly changing how we interact with the world. Now some of those advances could ultimately change how Leon County handles crime.
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As of this week, Leon County’s Consolidated Dispatch Agency is fully staffed. That’s just one of the changes Dee Crumpler has made in his six months as the troubled agency’s interim director.

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Three Republican lawmakers are moving to expand protections for law enforcement. They say they’re concerned about the growing divide between the public and first responders.

Tampa Senator Jim Norman says if you give your life serving your community or country then your spouse deserves a tax break.  His idea dates to the start of the Iraq war. Then Norman was a member of the Hillsborough County Commission.

Norman: "When the war in Iraq started we as the Hillsborough County Commission adopted two thousand soldiers that served in combat zones. We later adopted the families of surviving spouses, 33 soldiers came back after they were killed in service. What this does is take that wonderful program, it takes it statewide."