Cascades Park in Tallahassee

The Environmental Protection Agency has completed a more than decade-long cleanup at Cascades Park. A manufactured gas plant closed more than 50 years ago had contaminated the area’s soil with chemicals.

Senator Nelson Aiding The Fight Against Garbage Juice

Jul 14, 2017
Morgan Danford / WFSU - Florida Public Radio

Jackson County commissioners and city managers met with Florida U.S. Senator Bill Nelson Friday to discuss a deep injection well proposed for Marianna.

With a series of legal challenges still hanging fire, environmental groups are asking the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to reject Florida’s controversial water quality standards.

A Panhandle environmental group opposed to Florida’s sweeping new water quality standards is asking a federal judge to intervene.

President Barack Obama is hoping to boost renewable energy through the EPA's new Clean Power Plan.
Thecyrgroup via Wikimedia commons

This week the Environmental Protection Agency announced the final draft of its Clean Power Plan—a new set of rules aimed at lowering carbon emissions from power plants.  Supporters and opponents break along familiar lines, but new polling suggests Florida voters may be on the side of reform.

EPA explains its new Clean Water Act Rule in infographics

Florida is once again suing the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency over water policy. The latest fight comes after the EPA announced new rules expanding its authority to govern water bodies. 

Federal regulators are releasing sweeping new pollution regulations that cover 60 percent of water bodies in the United States. Florida farmers are worried and environmental activists are rejoicing.