3:26 pm
Wed October 2, 2013

Court Sides With Navy Against Environmental Groups Trying To Protect Whales

A right whale mother and her calf
Credit Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

A federal appeals court Tuesday ruled against environmental groups trying to stop the U.S. Navy from building an underwater training range off the coast of Jacksonville. The planned range is next to the only known birthplace of an endangered whale species.

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4:53 pm
Wed September 18, 2013

Environmentalists Say Palm Beach County Development Threatens Snake Species

The Eastern Indigo snake is listed as a threatened species by the U.S. Wildlife Service.


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3:51 pm
Wed August 14, 2013

FWC Wants Residents' Help In Reporting Rare Snake Sightings

Florida Pine Snake
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Florida wildlife officials are asking for residents’ help in reporting sightings of rare snakes. They’re working to determine whether the snakes should be bumped up to the federal endangered status.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission biologists want the public to report sightings of three snakes: the Florida pine snake, southern hognose snake, and short-tailed snake. FWC Spokesman Kevin Baxter says with residents help, researchers can then determine whether these snakes qualify as a federally threatened species.

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10:28 am
Fri June 21, 2013

Farm Lobby Talks Citrus Greening, Environment and Immigration

John Hoblick, President of the Florida Farm Bureau
Florida Farm Bureau

Florida’s Agriculture Industry is the second largest in the state. It’s also at the center of major debates over immigration reform environmental preservation, and an ongoing effort to save citrus trees.

A few weeks ago, Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam issued this assessment on the future of Florida’s citrus industry:

“This matters to every Floridian because of the profound economic impact it has on so many of our interior counties. You’re talking about a footprint of half a million acres for which there is really no plan B."

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6:15 pm
Tue May 28, 2013

Everglades Improvement Law Provides Funds, Raises Questions

Florida Governor Rick Scott signed the Everglades Improvement and Management bill into law Tuesday. The measure appropriates $32 million a year for the next decade to help clean up the Everglades.

It’s hard to argue against funding restoration efforts in the Everglades, but the new law is more complicated than it may first appear.

According to David Guest, managing attorney for the Tallahassee office of Earth Justice, the law allows polluters to shirk constitutional obligations.

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